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Allagoptera arenaria Germinated Seeds - One Lot

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In late October I baggied up all the seeds produced by my mother palm to see if they were viable. Today, I checked on them and can report: YES! They are. A. arenaria is a trunkless, unarmed palm that hails from the seashore of Brazil. Its elegant, plumose leaves are dark green above and strikingly silver beneath. In a breeze they are mesmerizing. The seashore palm is coldhardy to zone 9, is salt- and sand-tolerant. A line or group of them would make a great hedge. It is uncommon and hard to find in any quantity.

I am selling these sprouting seeds in one lot in their 1 qt. freezer bag. I did not make an exact count of the seeds in this baggie but I'm sure there are dozens and most of them appear to be germinating. I won't disturb them to find out. See below

Allagoptera arenaria - One Lot of germinating seeds in 1 qt. bag w/orchid moss = $20.00

Shipping = $6.00     No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI

Total = $26.00

Payment via Paypal

PM me if you are interested


Seeds in baggie


Mother palm in 2017


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Seeds are SOLD!

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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Allagoptera arenaria, the seashore palm, is native to the dunes of the southeast coast of Brazil where it is highly endangered by development. It has a subterranean trunk and plumose dark green leaves back with silver. My mother palm has been seeding for several years but as none would germinate for me I stopped working with them. Imagine my surprise last fall when I found tiny grasslike seedlings coming up beneath her. I dug up and potted them and 6-7 months later 12+ of them are growing happily. I don't have room for them and want to find them a new home. I am selling them in one lot.
      Cost: Lot of 12 seedlings = $25.00
      Shipping Cost Included in price. Plants will be sent via Priority Mail. I will remove from pot, wrap roots in damp orchid most, clear wrap and foil.
      Payment via Paypal
      No shipping overseas. No shipping to HI.
      NOTE: Please contact me via Private Message. DO NOT use Status Update - I will not respond
      Photos: Photos 1-3 are of seedlings for sale. Photos 4-6 are of the mother palm

    • garrytsen
      By garrytsen
      We are offering germinated T.princeps seeds from time to time as the germination of T.princeps is quite slow, difficult and sporadic.
      Germinated seeds of  Trachycarpus princeps, 
      USD 35/25 seeds
      USD  48/ 50 seeds USD 75 /100 seeds   10-20% more free seeds offered based on the order.     Postage by airmail: for free   Phyto sanitary Certificate  (if needed):  USD25   EMS: USD 30       Because it is hot now,it is highly advisible to send the germinated seeds by EMS taking about 1 week  rather than by airmail which takes over 1 month.   For more photos or pre-order for more seeds at better price, PM me and visit my site.   Garry www.coldplant.com                  
    • Brad Mondel
      By Brad Mondel
      Does anyone have Allagoptera arenaria plants or seeds they want to sell or trade? 
    • NatureGirl
      By NatureGirl
      Still clearing out behind shed and found a community pot of Dypsis cabadae (15), they have a little spider mite damage as you might see in pic. Plus, I have a community pot with (10) Allagptera arenaria seedlings. $20 both seedlings, US (includes small flat rate shipping box).  Shipped bare root in moist spaghum.
    • Justin P
      By Justin P
      About 10 years ago I planted quite a few 3 gallon palms in my back yard. I recently moved two of them - both Thrinax radiatas. I discussed that move in this post.
      I'm now considering moving two more palms (and a tree) and was looking for some feedback from the Palm Talk community.
      The first palm I am considering moving is an Allagoptera arenaria. I really like this palm and have enjoyed watching it grow over the years. Unfortunately, I did not properly anticipate its growth habit. It has developed four trunks which are at a 45 degree angle to my screen patio. Here is a close up of the trunks:

      This isn't a very good photo because it was taken early morning, but here is the view of the palm from my screen patio (looking west):

      I would like to move the Allagoptera arenaria to the south side of my yard for three reasons:
      The palm will provide a nice focal point in the new position, as well as contrast to the Copernicia macroglossa I can properly align the four trunks of the palm along the fence which borders the south end of my yard I can move my Pseudophoenix sargentii to the spot where the Allagoptera arenaria was previously located, which will allow me to more easily plant a uniform shrub under the palms along the west end of my screen patio  
      Here is the approximate spot I would like to move the Allagoptera arenaria from two perspectives. The first perspective is looking south from my screen patio:

      Here is the second perspective, looking west from the south end of my yard:

      I apologize for the rough mock-ups which were prepared using Microsoft Paint.
      My questions:
      Do you have any tips for moving an Allagoptera arenaria? Will the palm do well in the new position?