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CFPACS - 12/01/2019 - Part I - Heathcote Botanical Gardens - Ft. Pierce, FL

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The 2019 Holiday meet-up started at Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Ft. Pierce, Florida.  The gardens are roughly 5 acres and have a densely planted palm and cycad walk as well as a reflection garden full of Bonsai plants.  Our tour guide for the day was none other than @Dave-Vero.  Currently, the gardens are set up with Christmas lights and a train set under a tree as part of their Garden of Lights event.  For more information on the gardens, please visit: https://www.heathcotebotanicalgardens.org/

On with the show:

Next 3 photos: The parking lot has pretty standard views for coastal central Florida; with Livistona and Roystonea in fruit, and some yuccas to stop you from parking in the mulch.




Next 4 photos: The entrance has some more old favorites.  From there you can see some of the canopy palms in the gardens.





Once inside, a Satakentia liukiuensis all decked out with lights.


A look down the path shows that all of the palms are under canopy for protection.  A Dypsis decaryi is present on the right fork.


There are bromeliads and other plants mixed in with the palms as you would expect.  What's that on the left?


Next 2 photos: If you guessed Howea forsteriana, you are correct.  This palm seemed to attract most of the attention at the start of the tour.  There is a close-up in the second photo.



The famed 3-headed Sabal makes an appearance in an open spot off the main path.


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Our tour guide probably felt like he was herding cats trying to keep everyone from scattering under the canopy.


Syagrus schizophylla


Adonidia merrillii


Hyophorbe lagenicaulis


Chamaedorea geonomiformis


Next 2 photos: Thrinax radiata



Next 2 photos: A clump of Dypsis lutescens tries to hid the giant Roystonea regia behind it.



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Acoelorrhaphe wrightii in fruit


Caryota mitis


Sabal causiarum


Bismarckia nobilis


Wodyetia bifurcata


Next two photos: Coccothrinax crinita



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What would Christmas be without a train set under the tree?


Next 2 photos: portions of the water features with small fish in them.



Next 3 photos: The stone paths leading toward the Bonasi garden.




Next 5 photos: The Bonsai Garden






Some bromeliads near the exit


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Next 7 photos: A few others you might like








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What a bunch of photos!  I think the pair of tall Wodyetia are among the oldest I've seen.  The Garden recently received a nice Coccothrinax barbadensis.  It may go in the Bonsai Gallery.   There's a spot for Borassus.   A thriving young Copernicia baileyana unfortunately had something land on it in a hurricane, became wobbly, and suddenly died.  Here's night views of the Bonsai Gallery (the tall Sabal palmetto were part of the design) and the Rain Forest, where most of the colors change.  




Heathcote bonsai gallery 2019 -1.jpg

Heathcote Rain Forest 2019 HDR-1.jpg

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Wow! That place is amazing. 

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Thank you again! That is a great spot that I have never been to yet.

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      After a quick stop for a bite to eat, it was off to the Anne Michael’s residence on Orchid Island in Vero Beach, FL.  The property is certainly off the beaten path but can be seen from the bridge if you know where to look.  When you arrive at the property, you’re immediately greeted by copious amounts of mature Royal palms and Coconut palms.  The property does feature many other species and does have a single pre-1989 coconut still alive at the present time.  Attendees were given permission by the owner to harvest seeds laying on the ground.  Our guide Jason provided background information on some of the palms and other plants present in the garden.
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      There was a great turnout and it is easy to see why

      The pond is surrounded by Roystonea, Sabals and coconuts.

      You can see the Indian River behind the house

      Next 2 photos: Coconut palms line the shore with the bridge in the background.

      The tallest coconut in this photo is a 1989 survivor.

      A set of coconut twins (2 palms from one coconut)

      Next 2 photos: Hard to believe you can have such an open yard and this many palms

      Some Roystonea and an Australian pine near the sand dune.

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