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Fakahatchee park 2019

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After our visit to everglades city we decided to go to Fakahatchee preserve .  before Everglades city on 41, I noticed royals that could be wild plants but some had the normal understory of shrubs cut so I am not 100% sure if some of these are wild examples.  

These look more wild 


These I cant fully tell, maybe they were there before the area was cleared . 


Notice the one coconut palm in the left of the picture .  


Now for the actual preserve.  the first 10 minutes of driving was mostly marsh with reeds and scattered palmetto hammocks.  no royals here . 


I started seeing smaller royal examples after the area changed from wetlands to more hardwood trees . they started getting bigger as we drove further in . 


Here are some nice examples on the path .   


Of course I tried to get some shots of ones in the brush and some didn't turn out so bad


Some more random shots of Royals



Saw some tall ones too, but many were hard to get shots of as they were usually further in the thick brush .  

Look how far the white trunk goes on this one.  pictures dont do it justice .    also another one  


Biggest one I saw . 


After leaving the park, we saw a few smaller royals as we went back on 41 to naples .  here are 2 larger ones closer to Collier park that we drove by.


Thanks for looking, I wish I could have gone on the foot trail but we simply were crunched for time . we got there on a monday and got back home that same friday night. hope you enjoyed!


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Yunder Wækraus

Spectacular! My favorite palm.

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Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing and royal palm is one of my favorite palms 

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Sandy Loam

Nice photos for a short visit! 

Check out this photo of royal Palms at the same park: 


That strand of royal palms continues next door at Collier Seminole State Park too. 


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