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Enorme Old Man Palm en venta

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Hola. Estoy vendiendo el Old Man Palm que ven en la foto. Probablemente mide unos 20 pies, si no más. 


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    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      My fellow San Diego county resident and palm collector with a great deal of knowledge about Dypsis shared with me that the plant I acquired as Dypsis crinita is probably fibrosa.  Without posting a photo, the reasons are twofold for believing this, first is that Dypsis crinita are a challenging grow here in Southern California and second that there were some Dypsis fibrosa labeled as crinita being distributed a few years back close to the time I got mine.  I thought I would share pictures though and get some feedback based on the plant.  I'm happy with it whichever of the hairy trunked Dypsis it is, but it will be a good thing to have it labeled accurately, which I know it isn't now.  I misspelled the name when ordering the label or they misspelled it when printing it, but either way, it isn't Dypsis "crinata".
      The full monty shot first but beware there is a Dypsis onilahensis hybrid behind it which has the highest fronds above it.
      A leaflet detail shot showing typical spacing between leaflets and leaflet width and a few trunk shots follow.
      Last shot is liver color typical of new leaf opening.
      So based on what you see, which of the Vonitra group of Dypsis do you think it is, crinita, fibrosa, utilis or pusilla?

    • Miami_grower
      By Miami_grower
      Settling in for the New Year?
      I have a community tray of 100-200 Fall 2017 seedlings, sourced from our two front yard Old Men.  Please message me with your offer for All, Some, or One. Your choice of plants  if local.
      Also available,  please message me for details  and your offer.,
      many (100 +) 2 y.o. Old Men seedlings, in 4" sq. pots and a few larger 3 & 4 y.o. seedlings a few C. Renda(red sealing wax palms) in 12" tall pots a few Cuban Petticoat Palm seedlings - Copernicia macroglossa You pay shipping, held at your request till weather moderates. 

    • DoomsDave
      By DoomsDave
      This is sort of a response to the thread about the right time to plant a palm.
      How about right now!
      It's about two feet (55 cm) tall.
      Thanks to Josh-O for his candid cultural instructions!

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