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I have many palms. Most of them are very happy palms because I love them and we treat them well. In turn, they reward us with bountiful crops of seeds. I've learned there is scant interest in seeds of very tropical palms, esp. "common" ones that grow fast and get large no matter how beautiful they are. Today we got out the pole saw to stop these palms from burying us alive in seeds. We ended up with the pile of aborted infructescenses you see in the photos. Sad, I know, but necessary.

For anyone interested, that pile includes the following species as I can best remember:

Adonidia merrillii

Veitchia joannis

Veitchia spiralis

Veitchia winin

Carpentaria acuminata

Dypsis pembana

Coccothrinax sp

Archonotophoenix tuckeri

Archonotophoenix maxima

Ptychosperma elegans


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Holy Moly Meg that is unreal , necessary evil I can imagine!!

All palms I'll never be able to grow in the ground =/ 

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      I have a 10" pot of 60+ seedlings of Ptychosperma robusta from my mother palm. About 10 years ago I bought a young clustering Ptychosperma at a sale. The seller called it "Ptychosperma robusta", which was not then and is not now a valid binomial, to my knowledge. He knew nothing else about it. When it was smaller I posted photos in hope someone on the forum would recognize it but got no response. Anyway it has grown quite large and so tall I can't easily photograph its crown. I remove its offsets to keep it at two stems that are 4-5" diameter each, quite chunky by Ptychosperma standards. It grows quickly, flowers and seeds easily and ripe fruit is vibrant red. The infructescences are so high up we can no longer reach them with ladders or pole saws. As a result seedlings pop up all around it in the jungle. The other day I dug up over 80 seedlings and rather than compost them, will find them a new home. I can say this unknown species is completely hardy here and took down to 38F last winter. I hope some enterprising palm lover can offer these seedlings a home. And I hope someone can give it a valid name if one exists. Seedlings will be sent via Priority Mail with roots wrapped in damp orchid moss, clear wrap and foil. Take  a leap into the unknown. See summary below
      Ptychosperma sp "Robusta": 60+ rooted seedlings @ $18.00 for the lot
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      I've had a skinny, solitary Ptychosperma growing up in my back yard for a number of years. It is perhaps 7-8' tall with a trunk about 1-1/2" in diameter and is easy to miss except that earlier this year it flowered for the first time and produced a dazzling, reddish-purple infructescense. Now I want to know what species it is. Can anyone please tell me? It's a dandy little palm.
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      I have 100+ seedlings of this rare Archonotophoenix species in 4" pots for sale. A. maxima is the largest of the so-called king palms, reaching up to 25m tall. Palmpedia gives conflicting info on its coldhardiness: one description indicates 28F but another article claims this species has survived frostless 24.4F with 60% leaf burn (which claim is correct I don't know). My mother palm overlooking our canal has no problems with SWFL winters. A. maxima is one of the rarest king palms in the US and difficult to find. See summary below:
      Archonotophoenix maxima seedlings: $1.00 each
      Shipping = $10.00 via Priority Mail. Seedlings will be shipped without pots and most soil with roots protected by damp orchid moss, clear wrap and foil.
      No shipping outside of US. No shipping to HI
      Payment via Paypal. Please PM me if you are interested.
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      So I have a few joannis and spiralis seedlings that are doing quite well in some one gallon pots, bit now a few have roots coming out of the bottom. Should I transplant them to a deeper pot? If so, I'd really appreciate it if someone could link me a site where I can order the deep black square pots I see many growers using on here.
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      I love animals, but even at the zoo, plants will always catch my eye first

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