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    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      A duet I have been watching between these two trees for a number of years.  They are growing at the once Quail Gardens Botanic Garden and renamed San Diego Botanical Garden here in Encinitas.  No question who will win in the long run, but in the interim there is a duet that they will play.  Any relationships you have like this?

    • clinenotklein
      By clinenotklein
      I'm currently doing an experiment with more "hardy" Ficus in Hilton Head, SC, an area listed as borderline 8b/9a but in reality strong 9a with patches of 9b microclimates likely (see my post on thriving Ficus specimens in the area here),  and with Ficus Aurea (Strangler Fig) being the closest one to "native," it has to be included. If anyone has cuttings or plants, let me know. Also, does anyone have word on the spread of this plant into the more northern parts of Florida? Currently the furthest north one is an escapee on a date palm trunk in Jacksonville area, and official "range" is into Volusia County–though there's no way they're not creeping up the St. Johns and would love field reports if they exist. 
    • Laurajs2011
      By Laurajs2011
      Hi! This is my first posting time here but I’ve enjoying learning about palms and other tropical plants through this awesome site. I just acquired this new ficus but the owner wasn’t sure what the variety was, but I got a good deal on it, so I couldn’t pass it up. It’s not a lyrata or an Audrey (not fuzzy textured leaves). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    • ParkerK
      By ParkerK
      Hoping to get an ID on this Ficus. Never seen it before and very curious. See photos.
      Thanks for the help!

    • Eric in Orlando
      By Eric in Orlando
      Saturday I found this Ficus microcarpa specimen growing on Merritt Island on the north end of Tropical Trail. It is near the ghost town of Courtenay which is east of Titusville, just south of Kennedy Space Center. It is growing by an 1880's house. This area is still semi rural but obviously a nice microclimate as there are coconuts with little damage, mango groves, etc. This is one of the biggest Ficus microcarpa I have seen anywhere.
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