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    • The Germinator
      By The Germinator
      A couple weeks ago I took a friend that is new to this Palm community to go meet Dave. As usual I was not disappointed. I have not been there for several years so the growth of his palms was quite a pleasant surprise. I took advantage of his great deals and brought home this nice souvenir. If anyone knows the registered name for this Plumeria can you chime in. If not I am going to call it "Dave's Delight".  We went back today so my friend could add some really nice Palms and Cycads to his collection.

    • Wodyetia
      By Wodyetia
      I accidentally left a Potted, established plumeria in a very hot spot in my yard. It was neglected and got cooked in a black pot by inland sun. I’ve had experience with sunburn before and it’s usually just unsightly but doesn’t damage the plant. This one I’m not so sure about, seems pretty fried. Leaves haven’t opened. Should I cut and just reroot it?

    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      This particular variety of plumeria just wants to crawl along the ground.  This particular plant is growing in the brick planter above.  It's limbs eventually hang over the side and grow down under the weight until they hit the ground and start crawling.  I've removed many sections since I planted it because they eventually get in the way.  It is a hybrid a friend's wife created.  Don't ask me what the parent plants were as I don't recall.  She named it San Diego Sunset, because their home and garden is right above the south end of the San Diego Bay and the various hues of white, pink, orange and yellow reminded them of the sunsets.

    • Silas_Sancona
      By Silas_Sancona
      With mid spring heat building, and summer not that far off.. its only a given that Plumeria are starting their flowering season.  After quite the hiatus, and some challenges, looks like some of mine will push inflos this season..  To start things off in the right direction, a plant i stuck out front back in 2017 decided to surprise me with it's first flowering attempt..    Fast forward several weeks, ..and we have the first flowers.. Looking closely at pic #1, you can see that i painted the trunk of the plant.. Did the same w/ all the potted specimens as well.. Sunburn has been a real challenge here. 

      Now comes a somewhat tough decision. As i'd thought, this plant is one of my seedlings i started back in 2008 while in Ohio from plants brought back from my first trip to Florida.  I'd had several ..most of which i had to leave in Florida after they out grew their pots and into the ground. Some were left in the yard, others i planted in the green space between our house and the condos behind us.. wonder if they're still there.. anyway.. Cuttings taken off those ended up suffering fatal sun burn the first summer here. This plant was the only one i was able to save.  Have a little more time, but ..to take with, or leave here??

      Anyway, more to come..  And ( as always ) Don't be shy    ..or just read this and not share....     If they're flowering,    share 'em..    Simple enough

    • pspalms
      By pspalms
      I have a forest of 14 of these tropical beauties in large containers that I started from seed over 20 years ago.  The flowers are super fragrant like Plumeria and the 5' - 6' trees are loaded with seed pods.  San Diego Botanical Garden has a large specimen and I am sure SD Zoo has these plants, but I have never found any for sale at local nurseries or online that are larger than 1 gal.
      $275. each      pick up in Vista CA      Gardenia thunbergia | Plantz Africa

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