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Palms around Raleigh

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Our last stop on our roadtrip was Raleigh NC.   I stopped to take a picture of the big Sabal Palmetto in the downtown neighborhood.. only one I have seen in raleigh


We then went to Pullen Park.  There were a lot of palms there . 

Here are some large Needles


There was also a sparce amount of Sabal Minor and a ton of large windmills around the park



Some were pretty tall too!


lots of Volunteers were also all over the park.  


On our way to our hotel, I also got these drive by windmill shots



Also saw these Sabal minor in the downtown heart of Raleigh


Another one I have seen before


One large windmill palm in the Downtown Business area.


Some more in a small Park


A sabal Minor Volunteer in the downtown


Thats about it! Hope yall enjoyed


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@Mr.SamuraiSword Wonderful pictures of palms mixed with temperate plantings in a beautiful landscape!  Thank you for sharing!

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Ben OK

Thanks for your post. You found lots of cool palms there in Raleigh. Hunting for palms in areas where they are not common is always a lot of fun. It's a little like a treasure hunt.

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we found love in a hopeless place :D

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Rasta Rob

Looks great everything looks healthy

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Thanks for sharing! I have personally visited most of the palms in your photos. 

Next time you're in the area, check out the botanical gardens at the universities. All the gardens have great palm collections. 

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