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Some rather majestic Palmetto’s and Butia I saw today

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These are in Conway, SC. near HGTC and Coastal Carolina University. I have many more awesome pics, but I took these just today. This wasn’t even the best Butia, there were some in the neighborhood that were literally like 25 feet or more, but I didn’t manage to snap them as someone was tailgating me at the time (I hate when I miss an awesome palm like that :( )  

But enjoy!! 



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Shows scale next to light. They really are almost as tall. 



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Nj Palms

The butias look great! Went to Myrtle Beach for a day this summer and saw many plants I didn’t expect to thrive up there.

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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Several days ago I received a request for an update on our world famous Sabal Row. But first, some background. I joined PalmTalk and IPS in Jan. 2008 and soon decided I wanted to germinate palm seeds. I chose (and recommend) the Sabal genus for beginning palm growers. Sabal palmetto is FL's State Tree and ubiquitous and I managed to beg, buy and barter Sabals domingensis and maritima. From early 2008 into 2009 I germinated a slew of seedlings. A quick tangent: In 2003 during the housing bubble, some HGTV rejects decided to build a spec home four lots east of our little cottage. Then that spec home bounced through a series of flippers, sustained roof damage in Hurricane Charley and thereafter sat empty and abandoned year after year until well into the housing bust. I looked across the vacant lot next door at that never-lived-in stack of cinder blocks and decided to plant my side of the vacant lot with Sabal seedlings to block views at and from that abandoned edifice. What you see in the following photos grew up since 2009 (the house sold in 2010; the neighbors are nice people). None of these palms are technically mine but I hope if anyone ever builds there, they appreciate privacy as much as we.
      Note: Sabals domingensis and maritima are really large palms. Sabal palmetto is the smallest trunking Sabal and one of the slowest growing. Sabal causiarum is a total behemoth. I added a seedling one to the Row after the others and it dwarfs them all.
      Sabal Row, March 2020, Cape Coral, FL

      Sabal Trunks x3: Palm on left is S. palmetto. Other two may be domingensis and maritima (ID tags disappeared long ago)

      Sabal maritima (left), Sabal palmetto (right) - Same age but look at size differential.

      Opposite view: Sabal palmetto (right) and Sabal maritima (left)

      Sabal palmetto Trunk

      Sabal maritima trunk

    • Brad Mondel
      By Brad Mondel
      I've seen thousands of Butias but never a variegated one! 
    • NC_Palm_Enthusiast
      By NC_Palm_Enthusiast
      I was exploring Southport, NC on google maps when I came across this large sabal palmetto growing among a few smaller ones beside the Southport Baptist Church.  It is certainly one of the larger specimens in the area.

    • yabazid
      By yabazid
      take a look at this please!
    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      I collected some Sabal palmetto seeds from Virginia Beach off of an older palmetto there in July, I just now removed the dry fruits from some of the seeds, and they look kind of light. Could this just be because they were still in the fruit? They all sank in water. I am just used to the seeds being a bit darker. 

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