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Zamia species id

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I've had this Zamia for a few years and never been able to id it.   It coned in 2018 and 2017 and never pushes more than 2 leaves at a time.  It has a smooth rachis, flushes with the brown leaves which get a bluish tint underneath as they begin to harden off, finally turning a deep green.  Any identification thoughts?




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      I saw this palm on my walk today. I'm thinking it's a butia? Let me know what you guys think. I appreciate the help!

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      I don't even remember now, at which So Cal Palm Society meeting auction I bought this Dypsis.  I do recall it was solitary and probably no more than a 1 gallon when purchased.  I dropped it in a shaded spot under a Burretiokentia hapala, probably anticipating it would be a smaller gauge trunk and continue taking advantage of the Burretiokentia's shade.  It has since produced one new subterranean offset from the main trunk.  Any thoughts on which fine leafed Dypsis this is?  Markings on the trunk should be a clue.

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      Hey everyone,  I am kinda new, but love different type of palms.
      I'm in Greenville SC (zone7b).Seen this palm down town. This tree is absolutely gorgeous.  Could someone tell what it is.
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      I have a number of small to very large potted (mostly) cycads. Most of them are from genus Zamia, which grows very well in my humid, subtropical climate, but I also have some Dioon and Encephalartos. The Zamia are species but also hybrids of loddigesii, pumila and variegata. Earlier this year I gathered them together and set them on blocks on our garden lot. There they are coning and producing seeds and seedlings. Last winter I finally planted my largest Encephalartos horridus. And my Dioon edule has grown huge and is putting out pups. Today I took the following photos.
      Cycad Row, Cape Coral, FL, 2020
       v. 'Queretaro Blue' has grown huge and is putting out pups. Today I
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