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Trouble with IPS membership

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I had started IPS membership again after some pause last year in August, with paid delivery of the Journal. Unfortunately there was some mistake in the database, since I made a new membership and the first two journal volumes didn't arrive. I wrote on IPS facebook page, and resolved the issue with Yvonne Feltman later by email. She said that she will update the database to prevent this from happening again and I received the Journals together soon after that.

Unfortunately, it is September now and I still dont have the other two copies as well. I tried to contact IPS on Facebook twice since this August, with no reply (the admin only read the message). I tried to write an email too, but no reply again. Could somebody please help me with the issue here, when the email and facebook obviously doesn't work? Thank you.



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IPS website has all contact info for stuff like this. 

avassallo@stansfeldllc.com Is who you can email as she handles all this.. Or you can get phone number from website too. Which ever you prefer..

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