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    • CodyORB
      By CodyORB
      I soaked them for 3 days (May 3-5) and placed in a 4:1 mixture of perlite and peat moss. 28 seeds split into 5 pots, 1 indoors (around 78F) and 4 outdoors (around 90F day - 75F night). Was expecting to wait 6 months to a year for germination. Surprisingly, the first to sprout was in the indoor pot! Since then I've moved all 5 into the garage (80's-90'sF) and I look forward to more action!
      A quick question, when is a good time to transplant it into its own pot with more nutritious soil?

    • CodyORB
      By CodyORB
      I had a CIDP seed and 3 P. Dactyliferas  germinate roughly a week ago after spending 3-4 weeks in a moist perlite plate outside in north FL. I moved them into holepunched cups filled with a well-draining cactus soil kept moist to finish germination (+minute amounts of fungicide). When can I expect to see something pop up?

    • Eric Thompson
      By Eric Thompson
      Hi folks just put up another video, stop on by if you have a chance. Basic seed germination as well as a look at my largest seed grown washy. 
    • subsonicdrone
      By subsonicdrone
      well as you can see by my wall of germination attempts (some are other plants)

      i have made many attempts and so far no sprouts (palm) until now!

      6 little roots with a couple more looking like they may sprout also
      should i pot these up in 1 gal now or wait a bit longer
    • Dimovi
      By Dimovi
      I just got these Mountain Coconuts to plant, but they seem a bit too green. Would they be able to germinate? I read it is pretty hard to germinate those anyway.  Should I remove the mesocarp (the green husk)?
      I was planning on letting them dry for a few weeks, then a few weeks in the fridge, then soak them for a few days, then plant them halfway burried in topsoil/peat moss mix and leave them outside to experience daily temperature variation.
      Does enyone have experience germinating Parajubaea Torallyi?

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