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2020 Biennial Pre and Post Madagascar Trips

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As part of the exciting 2020 Biennial offering, the IPS is pleased to announce the pre and post trips through Madagascar. 

The big island of Madagascar is a center of biodiversity, famous worldwide for its extraordinary landscapes, fauna and amazing flora, ancient culture… it is the place of a great floristic richness especially on palms with 192 species of which the vast majority are endemic. But, the palms of Madagascar are in great danger! Deforestation nibbles the Malagasy forest cover step by step and 83% of Malagasy palm species are now threatened with extinction.

Participating at one of these trips will be a unique opportunity to finally discover Madagascar and its mythical forests populated with rare plants and lemurs. Either one of these trip will be unforgettable. To do this, Palmeraie-Union teams, who know well those places, have prepared for you 5 different options, always in small groups of 6 to 7, 8 or 9 people. These tours have been specially chosen to observe the most interesting places in terms of flora and especially of palm trees.

All these trips are organized in connection with a specialized travel agency based in Madagascar that will guarantee you a welcome and quality support throughout your stay. All accommodation, transfers and visits will be taken into account.


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