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Zamia picta high variegataion x Zamia hybrid: 8 Seedlings

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I have a gigantic, potted Zamia picta/variegata with extreme variegation that I got from Christian Faulkner as a tiny seedling 9-10 years ago. This species of Zamia is the only naturally variegated one. It is now an adult female taller than I am that produced seeds earlier this year. I assumed the seeds were infertile but did not notice that I had a male potted Zamia hybrid (loddigesii? x ??) sitting right next to it that I'd bought at a Palm Beach sale some years back. Lo, about a month ago I noticed that tiny variegated Zamia seedlings were popping up next to my mother cycad. I potted up 8 of them to find a new home and am selling them as a lot. See summary below

Zamia picta/variegata x Zamia hybrid (loddigesii? x ??): Eight 1-leaf Seedlings @ $3.00 each = $24.00

Shipping via Priority Mail = $8.00     No shipping to HI. No shipping outside of US

TOTAL = $32.00

Payment via Paypal. PM me if you are interested.


Seedlings for sale. All are developing variegation like the mother.


Mother: Zamia picta/variegata. Note intense variegation and size of plant.


Father: Zamia hybrid (loddigesii? x ??)




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seedlings are SOLD!

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