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Zamia picta high variegataion x Zamia hybrid: 8 Seedlings

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I have a gigantic, potted Zamia picta/variegata with extreme variegation that I got from Christian Faulkner as a tiny seedling 9-10 years ago. This species of Zamia is the only naturally variegated one. It is now an adult female taller than I am that produced seeds earlier this year. I assumed the seeds were infertile but did not notice that I had a male potted Zamia hybrid (loddigesii? x ??) sitting right next to it that I'd bought at a Palm Beach sale some years back. Lo, about a month ago I noticed that tiny variegated Zamia seedlings were popping up next to my mother cycad. I potted up 8 of them to find a new home and am selling them as a lot. See summary below

Zamia picta/variegata x Zamia hybrid (loddigesii? x ??): Eight 1-leaf Seedlings @ $3.00 each = $24.00

Shipping via Priority Mail = $8.00     No shipping to HI. No shipping outside of US

TOTAL = $32.00

Payment via Paypal. PM me if you are interested.


Seedlings for sale. All are developing variegation like the mother.


Mother: Zamia picta/variegata. Note intense variegation and size of plant.


Father: Zamia hybrid (loddigesii? x ??)




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seedlings are SOLD!

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    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      I've had this Zamia for a few years and never been able to id it.   It coned in 2018 and 2017 and never pushes more than 2 leaves at a time.  It has a smooth rachis, flushes with the brown leaves which get a bluish tint underneath as they begin to harden off, finally turning a deep green.  Any identification thoughts?

    • Mostapha
      By Mostapha
      After seeing and reading what @NOT A TA, about his experimenting with germinating Royal Palm, posted some nice pics of the seedlings and a cross section of a pot showing the roots. Some were sun germinated and some shade grown, being as I live in N.Y.S. the idea of shade grown caught my eye. I wrote to him and asked if he would consider selling me a few shade grown.  Well long story short, he agreed and also told me that he had some that he thought were much nicer than the ones in the pics, that he had utilized a different shade technique for germination. So, for just a few dollars and shipping, I received 16 very nice seedlings today via usps. I wanted to post pics before potting them but as soon as I had seen them and their great root system,I just wanted to get them potted. (3 days in a box was long enough) They were ready to stretch their legs, it went great. I know some people are against growing palms in clusters, especially royal palms, but for me 1). its easier, I have a lot of plants in the house throughout the winter. 2). these palms will remain potted throughout their life span, so when they do reach up to 7-8 ft, instead of looking odd with only a few fronds on them they will be much fuller giving an even more unique look to them. Of course no matter what I do grow I always maintain at least 1 or 2 singles.
      Right now they are in 6" pots, so they can continue to grow out more roots through the winter under 9000 lumens led integrated light tubes, in more or less a terrarium type of atmosphere, being kept warm and good air circulation.  As I said I cluster, there are 5 in 3 of the pots and of course the single as well, by spring they will be ready to be bumped up.  
      I do regret not taking pictures of the roots, but due to excitement(?) I just wanted to get them potted up and ready for their long future as potted trees, to be put on display eventually wherever they go when they outgrow their space here, but I'm sure that will be some time yet. 
      Three cheers to @NOT A TA on these beautiful little giants.

    • RJ
      By RJ
      So I don't tend to post many picks of hybrids I've purchased from Patric until I get a chance to get an idea of what they will look like. I've always really liked the Yatay mule that @_Keith has that is a showstopper. So I did purchase a few from Patric last year and they are now starting to go pinate.  However in talking with Patric he peaked my interest when he mentioned he had a Yatay X (Mule). Now from my understanding Mules tend to have sterile pollen so it's pretty interesting that patric has pulled this cross off. After a few questions directed at patric and a little digging the mule pollen came from one of two palms that @Gtlevine has in his amazing garden. These mules are the offspring of a huge mule that was created by the late Dr. Wilcox and was sent to HBG in Ca. This mule for some reason has viable seeds, or at least some are. Garry germinated two of them and has them growing in his garden- one of them is the daddy to this hybrid.  (Hopefully I have this linage correct)
      So I purchased this palm last year from Patric as a 5g plant. As is par for the course, it arrived in excellent shape and I received it in the end of July 2018. I potted it up into a 15g and it has never looked back since. I have not tested this palm in the cold but I would venture to guess given the genetics that this palm is at least a tad but more cold hardy then a traditional mule which tend to be reliable to the mid to upper teens depending on the genetics of specific plant. Given that this palm should be a tad more hardy. It's not as soft as a mule but not nearly as rigid as a typical butia. My hunch is this might be a great alternative to those who can't quite pull off a mule reliably.  I have this plant in 80% sun.  
      Here it is Last July 25th 2018 in a 5g:

      October 25th  2018

      August 20th 2019

    • zoli
      By zoli
      I looked and then looked some more and was unable to find any definitive resource on when it is best to start fertilizing seedling palms. Some people claim that seed nutrients are exhausted approximately 2 months after germination, but this may be species dependent or just plain wrong altogether.
      I think a little background is warranted.
      I started fertilizing some of my seedlings about 3-4 weeks ago, many of them single leafers, roughly between 3-4 months old. I generally use 180-day Nutricote on all my palms. Most of my seedlings are in 2.5" Anderson pots and are doing well. Or so I thought. As of last week, I lost about 10 seedlings, none of which were recent transplants or in any kind of obvious stress. Among the lost species, there were Areca macrocalyx, Pinanga caesia, Dypsis leptocheilos, and a single Cryosophila stauracantha. All were recently fertilized. At the same time, many other species are seemingly unaffected (e.g. Ptychosperma spp, Areca vestiaria, Calyptrocalyx spp.), as well as some of the aforementioned. At least so far.
      To be fair, I may have overfertilized and some just couldn't handle it. So I did what any sane palm freak would do and started meticulously removing some of the fertilizer balls from my plants over the weekend. Great project, by the way.
      Anyway, enough history. So what do you guys think? When should one start to fertilize? And how much? Are some species really more sensitive than others?
    • FishEyeAquaculture
      By FishEyeAquaculture
      I have some Variegated Sabal palmetto seedlings available.  These are just shy of a year old, germinated from seed that was collected from a wild specimen my boys and I stumbled upon near Weeki Wachee Springs that is displaying linear/striated variegation within the leaf segments (a rare form of variegation for Sabal palmettos from what I understand).  They're currently thriving in 4.5" x 4.5" x 5" pots receiving around 5hrs of full midday sun.  Seedlings currently holding 4-5 strap leafs and are 10"-12" in overall height.  
      $65ea Shipping lower 48 US ONLY via USPS Priority Mail:  additional $12.00 (up to 4 seedlings), shipped in pot w/ dirt PM if interested