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Darren Michael

Juania and Jubaea in habitat!

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Darren Michael

Hello, I'm planning a trip to Chile this November and am interested in seeing Juania australis and/or Jubaea chilensis in habitat. On Juania I haven't been able to find out if the remaining wild specimens are still visible by regular visitors to Robinson Crusoe, and if so, exactly where (though there don't seem to be many hiking options to begin with). For Jubaea, it seems Parque Nacional La Campana is the best spot, at least as far as large protected areas, but I wanted to make sure that there aren't any better but more obscure/still accessible locations.




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I have not actually been but I have researched the Jubaea locations for a future visit one day, aside from La Campana the other places to see large numbers of them are in Cocalan National Park, and right outside the city of Valparaiso on Highway 60.

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Darren Michael

Thanks for the info! Seems that particular park isn't open to the general public though (unless that's changed). 

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