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Brahea ID

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Hi Everyone. 

I will appreciate any inputs/ comments on the ID of these 2 Brahea palms. 



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    • blue240z
      By blue240z
      Hello all, I have some 1g brahea armata I for sale. More than than I could plant here. These are locally collected and about 18 months old from seed. Thanks 

    • RyManUtah
      By RyManUtah
      25% off bigbox filifera. browsing the 35g, one of them was not like the others, so I couldn’t resist at $50+25% off
      Which brahea am I? Am I armata?


    • Xerarch
      By Xerarch
      So last year I got some Franken Brahea seeds (among other seeds) courtesy of Dooms Dave. In March 2018 I used the baggie germination method and the Chamaedorea radicalis came right up. The others didn’t, not surprising, some things take longer to germinate. 
      In May/June of 2018 we moved into a different house and I took the bags and bottom-heating pad and got them set up in the basement of the new place. Well, life takes hold of you and we’re living out of boxes for weeks while getting things set up while still trying to work, take care of kids etc. and my bags full of palm seeds did not get adequate attention. Even within the bags, the soil dried out and I didn’t notice until they were all bone dry....bone dry. I’ve ruined seeds before by letting them dry up so I knew I had blown it. I’m too busy to mess with it so I left them and turned off the bottom heat.
      Imagine my surprise when in July 2018 (that’s 16 months after placing them in the bag and probably nearly a year after they dried up) I see palm sprouts galore inside the bag, one even pierced the bag, the rest were bent over at the top of the sealed bag!
      I can’t believe it, I’m lucky I noticed them, they could have died from lack of light, let alone water. They are all now safely potted up. Needless to say, after the miracle I quickly went and re-hydrated the remaining bags of seeds, who knows. Might get lucky again. 

    • Marius
      By Marius
      Hi Everyone. 
      I am struggling to decide if this is a Brahea aculeata or a Livistona decora. It’s been in a pot for years and I’m deciding if I should buy it. My thoughts on id are based on undivided leaf bases, fine downward pointing petiole spines and glossy green deeply divided costapalmate leaves. Any thoughts will be appreciated. 

    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      Does anyone have any success with this palm in a greenhouse or indoor setting? What about any pictures of it growing near you, if you have it in your area?
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