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Franken Brahea Miracle!

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So last year I got some Franken Brahea seeds (among other seeds) courtesy of Dooms Dave. In March 2018 I used the baggie germination method and the Chamaedorea radicalis came right up. The others didn’t, not surprising, some things take longer to germinate. 

In May/June of 2018 we moved into a different house and I took the bags and bottom-heating pad and got them set up in the basement of the new place. Well, life takes hold of you and we’re living out of boxes for weeks while getting things set up while still trying to work, take care of kids etc. and my bags full of palm seeds did not get adequate attention. Even within the bags, the soil dried out and I didn’t notice until they were all bone dry....bone dry. I’ve ruined seeds before by letting them dry up so I knew I had blown it. I’m too busy to mess with it so I left them and turned off the bottom heat.

Imagine my surprise when in July 2018 (that’s 16 months after placing them in the bag and probably nearly a year after they dried up) I see palm sprouts galore inside the bag, one even pierced the bag, the rest were bent over at the top of the sealed bag!

I can’t believe it, I’m lucky I noticed them, they could have died from lack of light, let alone water. They are all now safely potted up. Needless to say, after the miracle I quickly went and re-hydrated the remaining bags of seeds, who knows. Might get lucky again. 


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And here, all in pots



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    • zoli
      By zoli
      I looked and then looked some more and was unable to find any definitive resource on when it is best to start fertilizing seedling palms. Some people claim that seed nutrients are exhausted approximately 2 months after germination, but this may be species dependent or just plain wrong altogether.
      I think a little background is warranted.
      I started fertilizing some of my seedlings about 3-4 weeks ago, many of them single leafers, roughly between 3-4 months old. I generally use 180-day Nutricote on all my palms. Most of my seedlings are in 2.5" Anderson pots and are doing well. Or so I thought. As of last week, I lost about 10 seedlings, none of which were recent transplants or in any kind of obvious stress. Among the lost species, there were Areca macrocalyx, Pinanga caesia, Dypsis leptocheilos, and a single Cryosophila stauracantha. All were recently fertilized. At the same time, many other species are seemingly unaffected (e.g. Ptychosperma spp, Areca vestiaria, Calyptrocalyx spp.), as well as some of the aforementioned. At least so far.
      To be fair, I may have overfertilized and some just couldn't handle it. So I did what any sane palm freak would do and started meticulously removing some of the fertilizer balls from my plants over the weekend. Great project, by the way.
      Anyway, enough history. So what do you guys think? When should one start to fertilize? And how much? Are some species really more sensitive than others?
    • Kim
      By Kim
      In the Moku Garden, four Clinostigma have died, one after the other. The pattern seems to have stopped for now, but a couple of stumps were left in the garden. One spot in particular had been so perfect for the large elegant palm, so I decided to try a little experiment. 
      On top of the stump,  which measures about 15 inches across, I placed 2 seeds of Clinostigma samoense.  I checked them in April -- no sign of life. In July, still nothing. But a couple of days ago -- boom!


      The question is -- will the seed continue to grow on the stump as the stump gradually rots? Curious if anyone has done this? If so, how did it work out? Any photos?
    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      This evening I picked 50 ripe seeds from one of the Chamaedorea tepejilote in my jungle and have more on the way. I grew the mother palm from seeds I received in 2008/09 and planted many of them a few years later. See summary below:
      Chamedorea tepejilote: 50 ripe seeds = $10.00 for the lot. I will send them uncleaned to speed them to their buyer.
      Shipping = $5.00 via first class mail within the US. No shipping overseas.
      Total Due = $15.00
      Payment via Paypal. PM me if you are interested
      Photos below. My jungle is densely planted so getting shots of the mother palm were difficult.

    • Marius
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      Hi Everyone. 
      I will appreciate any inputs/ comments on the ID of these 2 Brahea palms. 

    • PalmTreeDude
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      Since I'm at the beach, there are a ton of Sabal minor around and they are absolutely loaded with unripe seed. If I were to take off one of the stalks from the base, do you think the seed would ripen all of the way, or is it too early to be doing that?