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    • Tennessee Palms
      By Tennessee Palms
      A couple days ago I noticed the leaf on my Sabal Minor seedling has been taking off. To me it seemed like it grew about half an inch or so however when I looked back at a Facebook post from November I realized how much it has grown and I'm surprised to see that it slowly pushed out way more than I thought.  The picture of it sitting in water is the November picture and the other one is from a few days ago. 

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      I received some Chamaedorea radicalis seeds about one week ago, and have had them soaking in water since (changing water out, of course). I’m about to sow them but I noticed there is a thin looking layer of shell or something around the actual seed, should I try to peel that off or is it fine if it stays on? 

    • Eric Thompson
      By Eric Thompson
      Hi folks just put up another video, stop on by if you have a chance. Basic seed germination as well as a look at my largest seed grown washy. 
    • Luxliving
      By Luxliving
      Bon Apres-Midi,
      I'm looking to acquire a handful or so(whatever one may have to spare) of the following species of palm seeds. I'd be much obliged for your generosity.
      !) misc Brahea Species
      2)Cocothrinax dussiana
      3)Dypsis plumosa
      4 Adonidia merrillii
      5)Archontophoenix alexandrae 
      6) Sabal Species(Not Sabal minor)
    • LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      By LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      Welp, the weather is warm and I’m finally going to tour my palms after this winter. This winter was very warm for Maryland Standards. The lowest temperature I can recall is 19°F. Which is good for my palms’ first winter to help acclimate them. 
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