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    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Does anyone know what these agaves are? I thought they were both Agave americana but now I think these might both be different species. I’ll need to get a better picture of the variegated one tomorrow. 


    • TropicalGardenSpain
      By TropicalGardenSpain
      Hi everyone, I’ve been here a while but never posted much just taking advice from posts and admiring other gardens and palm collections! I’ve been working on my garden now for 4 years, when we purchased the property it was full of dead almond trees and we had to get a tractor in to clear the plot and access the house. It’s still very young garden and being so big it takes some doing but I’m hoping it will start to fill in as it matures. I thought I would load some photos as it is now. If you would like to see the progress I have an Instagram account dedicated to gardening which is TropicalGardenSpain.  

      Would love people to comment what palms I am missing here! Climate zone 10a we don’t have frosts but temperatures can drop briefly to 0c for an hour or 2 coldest nights in winter but days can be up to 15-20c and we have dry winters and summers. Watering the garden and keeping on top of it is the toughest jobs and one I will be tackling this year!

    • charlotte palm guy
      By charlotte palm guy
      I planted 2 cold hardy banana pants last spring at about a foot tall for each.  Both somehow exploded into the height you see in the pic over a single Summer.  They grew about 10 feet in one season.  Is this even possible?  In Spring will the just pick back up where the left off?  As you can see the leaves are all dead right now.  I think the morning sun and partial shade really helped these explode.  One of the 2 pants was in full sun a year before and didn’t grow much at all so I moved it to side of house that you see in pic.  Charlotte, NC located 

    • climate change virginia
      By climate change virginia
      Hi is there a hardy alternative to bottle palms that can survive in zone 8a I don't care about the leaves the leaves can be pinnate palmate either one is fine. Thanks. 
    • climate change virginia
      By climate change virginia
      Requirements Zone has to be tolerable of 7b or 8a either one is fine (Does NOT have to be feather palm), Has to have a nice amount trunk. Thanks.
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