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    • sgvcns
      By sgvcns
      This is a palm I have been looking for on a few trips to Vietnam.
      Unfortunately it was a wet morning and I had to climb a slippery slope of clay and loose gravel to get to the forest.

      Once I was up in the forest on the slippery trail there it was.

    • sgvcns
      By sgvcns
      Have had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful small palm in habitat over the last few days. Truly spectacular

      Off to Kham Duc tomorrow
      Love this country
    • Thailand Garden
      By Thailand Garden
      I would be so thankful if anyone could help me identify these two types of palms we picked up, they turned out not to be what we were told and we don’t want to use them until we are really sure what we have here.
      It was suggested that the first one might be a Sabal Palm????:


      The second one I think is some sort of Chinese fan palm:
      Thank you so much for your help.  We would be so happy to identify these properly and start planting.  Very much appreciated!

    • jardinierpalmiertrat
      By jardinierpalmiertrat
      In january i go in North vietnam, and this is the very bad month for visiting this area. Wheather very cold ( 8° C) and a lot of rain, hotel have not heating, but the forest is very nice same in bornéo.

      Lanonia calciphila

      Pinanga baviensis

      arenga pinnata

      Caryota maxima or bacsonensis?


    • Rob Haupt
      By Rob Haupt
      Can anyone help me identify this palm please.

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