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    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      I have noticed that the emergent leaf color on my Burretikentia koghiensis seems to be more colorful when they open in cooler times of the year, which also coincide with it never getting direct sunlight.  It is similar to the variations in my hibiscus flowers which open with deeper colors in the winter than during summer.  I haven't really paid much attention to see if my Chambeyronia hookeri exhibit this characteristic but thought I would solicit other comments about experience with colorful emergent leaves and variations dependent or correlated to temperature, time of year or sun exposure.

    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      It is interesting to see the diversity within a species.  I'm growing a couple of Encephalartos sclavoi.  Perhaps due to age, the older one shows very few spines on the leaflets, even though the younger one still has about a 6" caudex and it's leaflets are loaded with spines.  I hope the smaller one grows out of the spiny leaf and develops a leaf like the older one... I will get a reveal when the next flush finishes opening.  The other thing I doubt will change is that the older one opens with a colorful chocolate mocha fuzzy flush, while the younger spiny form has an attractive fuzzy green flush.  It's not hard to see which color is preferred.

    • rprimbs
      By rprimbs
      I remember hearing that Dypsis marojejyi is now Dypsis coursii but I notice the Palmpedia still lists Dypsis marojejyi -- but no longer has pictures.  Is there still a Dypsis marojejyi?
      Both of my "Dypsis coursii?" died. Has anybody succeeded with them in inland California?
    • Richie
      By Richie
      I noticed this new leaf on my Iguanura wallichiana and had to take a pic . It get's afternoon sun so it doesn't look it's best , but still a beautiful palm. Anybody else growing this palm , pics please .

    • Kim
      By Kim
      Thanks to palmislandRandy's great thread about the explosive growth of his D. prestoniana, plus Philippe's Bentinckia nicobarica series, I was inspired to go back and dig up photos from the past. This series of photos shows my one Dypsis prestoniana each year since planting.

      March 12, 2010

      February 8, 2011

      January 6, 2012

      June 30, 2013

      July 18, 2014

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