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    • Palms and Pines
      By Palms and Pines
      Hello everybody I wanted to get everyones opinions on which video game developers have made the best “virtual palm”, now there are variables such as art style, graphic engine, how old the game is etc that may determine why the palms may look one way or another, but with that being said let’s get started.

      First off is a Washingtonia and a Phoniex from the game GTA5 from rockstar games, I quite like these as they look realistic for a game and are easy to identify.

      Next from Red Dead Redemption 2 (Also from rockstar games) is Clearly Sabal Minor I think they did a fantastic job recreating it.

      Also from Red dead appears to be Washingtonia again, but in my opinion they somehow look worse in this game then gta even though it’s a newer video game.

      This is what I believe is supposed to be a sabal palmetto, I don’t think it’s costapalmate simply because that’s probably harder to implement 

      Next from the game the crew 2 appears to be date palms. Not a big fan because this part of the map is supposed to be in Miami and I feel like they could have added coconuts instead.

      Next is from the game Hunt:showdown. Looks like Sabal Minor.

      Need for speed. I think these are supposed to be washies but they almost look more like trachycarpus.

      next are coconuts from the game Stranded deep, not a big fan of these ones to be honest.

      Next is Coconuts from the game dead island. Although not entirely realistic, I quite like the design of them in this game. 

      Coconut from Battlefield V is not bad either.

      I will add more as I screenshot them in games. 
    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Good morning! Don’t want to be boring on such a beautiful day but wanted to update on my zone 7 palms here in Northern Virginia. So far, no long, oppressive stretches of heat, somewhat cool nights, beneficial rains…not your typical NOVA experience…

      Named it Sasquatch…it’s trunk is about 9 feet tall now and that furry top 2 feet reminds me of a Sasquatch head. I do think it’s genetically engineered for the winter cold. It’s been a great palm.

      Sunny, wetter Needle…

      Shady, drier Needle…

      Brazoria really busting out and I’ll have seeds for the first time in 8 years or so…will definitely sprout some and share some if the damn squirrels don’t get to them first.

      Newest Trachy with some insect damage I’ve never seen before but it’s growing fast…stop yawning…

      Medi really doing well with a 2’ trunk but practically no protection. This past mild winter did yield some frond damage so guess I’ll just be cautious and ready to shroud it as long as that is possible…it’s really not a lot of damage, just enough to set off my neurotic urge to cut fronds off that otherwise should be left alone…but I’ve left them alone and, of course, my eye is drawn to the brown segment distractions but I’m getting better at accepting it.

      Mr. McCurtain…nice bluish cast to it but blue doesn’t grow it, so it remains as it is…maybe one frond a season…I’m sure it’s just way too shaded…

      Sabal minor seedling…have 3 of them on the bank…about as energetic as the McCurtain but no-protection wonders in their little microclimate…

      My miracle of the season…Butia catarinensis found growing off the deck in total shade…tried sprouting several with the bag method a year or so ago. Seeds molded so I laid them out on the garden bench to dry and a squirrel stole them all and this one managed to sprout…went through a winter and spring of total shade, no heat from the sun and here it is. Proof that not all squirrels are bad. There is one that knows what it’s doing. This was a really exciting find!

      Small pond facing south…never freezes as long as the water is moving…kind of the center of the south-facing microclimate…maybe adds a bit of heat in the winter as rocks and water catch the winter sun? Anyway, we zone 7 enthusiasts may be limited, but the enjoyment of getting these odd things to thrive here is very gratifying…and anyone who comes over for the first time is amazed…one day a tree removal guy told me he thought Sasquatch was fake…made me laugh.

    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Was weeding off the front edge of my ground level deck and found this:

      Really surprised me…can only be one of two kinds…a Sabal minor or a Butia catarinensis…it is most likely the Butia because I tried sprouting some seeds I ordered about a year ago with the bag method and they all molded…I tossed everything off the deck in that area and considered it a lost cause. If it is that, I’d be shocked because the seed made it through winter in dirt that gets no sun at all in winter to warm the soil. The sun, of course, drops on the horizon and this part of the yard, right off the deck gets shaded by the house the entire season. I did work with some Sabal minor seeds about 3 or 4 years ago but manually planted the extra seeds in the dirt to see if anything would come up…never saw any of those germinate. I do have some Sabal minors that I planted after they sprouted in pots and they are fine and in the ground for about two years. This surprise sprout is very thin and the Sabal straps, though older now, are much wider. Anybody with experience here? Could it be that, despite the conditions, the Butia sprouted?? Would be great if it did. It has literally been in total shade since it hit the dirt…the stuff on the deck has been shading it since it sprouted. Guess I should acclimate it slowly to a full sun location. I tried to get as much root as I could…hope digging it up didn’t hurt it…
    • Sapiindo
      By Sapiindo
      The place its kinda small maybe 1-1.5 meter, shady, and low light, the palm must have a small leaf or medium leaf and the mature height 2-3 meters
    • teddytn
      By teddytn
      May be a good topic to touch on, at least in the U.S. temps are on the rise!  New to planting palms or an old head that maybe just planted a palm for the first time in a few years, good to touch on the basics. Any palm Sabal family, windmill family, butia, Jubaea etc etc. summer is when we can make up for some winter damage, setback, or at least slow down. What’s everyone’s watering schedule look like? 
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