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    • GregVirginia7
      By GregVirginia7
      Was watering and weeding this morning and noticed the wet, sunny Needle and the Brazoria trunks’ have really grown…the needle in height and the Brazoria in diameter. There are two other Needle trunks behind the one in the photo that are pretty tall as well, though lagging behind the one here.

      The Brazoria trunk really thickened as it pushes two flower spikes and four new fronds…by season’s end it will have four fully released fronds…given its slow history, this is amazing…guess that taproot finally reached its destination…

      Happy to have a Needle clumping palm that is establishing a trunk since zone 7 doesn’t harbor a climate for a variety of trunking palms…same for the trunking Brazoria…these are two that can have their trunks shown off, if you have the time to wait…Question for you Texas folks…generally speaking, how did Brazorias do during the freeze? Do they seem to rank among the survivors? 
    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      Just a few shots from the garden today…

      I really need to get the Butia in the ground

      Hopefully my Cycas flushes this summer

      Here is my largest Rhopalostylis

      My largest King

    • Sapiindo
    • Sapiindo
      By Sapiindo
      Some people said its kalpataru palm, bottle palm, and hybrid bottle palm.

    • Palms and Pines
      By Palms and Pines
      Hello everybody I wanted to get everyones opinions on which video game developers have made the best “virtual palm”, now there are variables such as art style, graphic engine, how old the game is etc that may determine why the palms may look one way or another, but with that being said let’s get started.

      First off is a Washingtonia and a Phoniex from the game GTA5 from rockstar games, I quite like these as they look realistic for a game and are easy to identify.

      Next from Red Dead Redemption 2 (Also from rockstar games) is Clearly Sabal Minor I think they did a fantastic job recreating it.

      Also from Red dead appears to be Washingtonia again, but in my opinion they somehow look worse in this game then gta even though it’s a newer video game.

      This is what I believe is supposed to be a sabal palmetto, I don’t think it’s costapalmate simply because that’s probably harder to implement 

      Next from the game the crew 2 appears to be date palms. Not a big fan because this part of the map is supposed to be in Miami and I feel like they could have added coconuts instead.

      Next is from the game Hunt:showdown. Looks like Sabal Minor.

      Need for speed. I think these are supposed to be washies but they almost look more like trachycarpus.

      next are coconuts from the game Stranded deep, not a big fan of these ones to be honest.

      Next is Coconuts from the game dead island. Although not entirely realistic, I quite like the design of them in this game. 

      Coconut from Battlefield V is not bad either.

      I will add more as I screenshot them in games. 
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