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A few nice Adonidia merrillii at the Columbus Zoo.

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I love animals, but even at the zoo, plants will always catch my eye first ;)


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    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      It pains me to know that who ever buys these will probably throw them out when they die in the fall and winter...unless they somehow have space indoors??

    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      Hey guys. For the past few months my Washingtonian adonidia have been growing quite happily. I'm just wondering if I should move them up to slightly larger pots now?

    • Jan Jo
      By Jan Jo
      Just thought I'd share a couple of pics of my indoor gems, generally palms that either wouldn't survive or would look terrible outdoors in my climate...

      Ptychosperma Gracile

      Licuala Ramsayi

      Chambeyronia Macrocarpa... my favourite... survives in my garden too, but hates the dry winds... and a little Pinanga Kuhli, bottom right.

      Adonidia Merrilli (not a chance outdoors), with the Chambeyronia on the right

      Pritchardia Thurstoni

      Ptychosperma Bleeseri, Caryota Mitis, and Ptychosperma Elegans (at the back)
      Hope you like them 

    • doranakandawatta
      By doranakandawatta
      I hope that with enough sun, that palm will grow well and be strong !

    • ck_in_fla
      By ck_in_fla
      I made a short trip from my home in the Orlando area to Cocoa Beach, Florida last week.  As the expressway turned South approaching the coast, it was like crossing a line.  Suddenly, it looked like I was in South Florida.
      During the time I was over there, I traveled from Cocoa Beach all the way down to Indian River County.  I crossed the Sebastian Inlet bridge and explored Orchid Island.
      The entire trip along route A-1-A on the barrier island, it looked like the area was solidly Zone 10B based upon what grows there.  Coconut palms are everywhere from Cape Canaveral south.  Back from the exposure to the salt spray, there are Royal Palms.  The 520 causeway connecting Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island has been landscaped with Royal Palms.  Also, Adonidia's are everywhere as you can see from the attached pictures.
      Except where the fruit has been removed to protect people and cars below, there were lots of coconuts in the trees.
      Just an amazing area.