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The July meeting will be on Saturday the 20th featuring two mature gardens that have not been visited in a long time.

1st Garden, Home of Bill and Shayla Taylor.  309 W. Paseo de Cristobal, San Clemente Ca. 92672.

Bill’s garden will be a delight for both Palm and Cycad enthusiasts. Bill has a large collection of Cycads, and still maintains a number of mature Palms including Howeas, Braheas, Livistonas, Chamaerhops, Rhapis, Ptychospermas, Jubeae, Accoeloerraphe, Chamaedoreas, Phoenix, Sabals, Butias, Latania, and some assorted exotics. This garden is not for the faint of heart. A walk through the lower canyon area will amaze your senses. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes as you will want to watch your step on this hillside. Be sure to stop when looking “up” at the towering Palms.


Directions to the Taylor Garden.

From the North…Exit El Camino Real in San Clemente. At the end of the ramp, proceed across El Camino Real and proceed down West Ave. Valencia.

From the South… Exit El Camino Real in San Clemente. Turn left onto El Camino Real (back under the Freeway) and turn left on West Ave. Valencia.

Both North and South…Go down West Ave. Valencia two Blocks to Calle Toledo. Turn right and go three blocks to West Paseo de Cristobal and turn left. The garden is the second house on the left.


2nd Garden, Home of Lynn and Juanita Muir, 33802 Valencia Place, Dana Point, Ca. 92629.

Lynn’s garden is another extraordinary garden in the respect that Lynn has maintained a larger than normal garden by years ago adding the lot next to him and turning a vacant lot into a wonderland of Palms. Palms include mature specimens of Howeas, Hedescepes, Rhopalostylis, Chamaedoreas, Veitchias, Ptychospermas, Coccothrinax, Thrinax, Sabals, Braheas, Raveneas, Chamaerhops, Archontophoenix, Butias, Livistonas, and a Ceroxylon to name a few. This garden is sure to ease your “Palm Fix”.


Also for added viewing; two houses away (a very short walk) is the home of Luke, with a lot of new Palms and some existing mature ones. ( more info to follow regarding Luke’s home after next monday (he’s a fireman, and working a long weekend).


Directions from the Taylor Garden to the Muir Garden.

Leaving the Taylor Garden, proceed back to I-5 and head north. Exit Beach Cities (approx. 4 miles) and continue onto Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Hwy) north into Dana Point. Follow PCH through Dana Point to Street of the Blue Lantern and turn right on Blue Lantern. In one and a Half blocks turn right on Valencia Place. The Garden is near the end of the block on the right at 33802.



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So who's coming?

@Josh-O will, how about the rest of you?

This is near the beach, so roar on down to Dana Point and San Clemente to escape the July Fry heat!

We're having an auction, and potluck lunch, so bring some dough, stuff your face and have a nice time with friends who'll never tell you that all palms are ugly!

And, more information!


We're having a potluck lunch at this meeting; chicken will be provided, but please bring other dishes, including, salads, fruit, desserts, and anything else you'd like to share. Make at home or buy and bring, if you like it, so will we!



We'll be having a plant auction at this meeting. The best auction items are: (a) rare palms 1 - 5 gallon sizes; (b) other interesting plants, including orchids, cycads, etc.; (c) palm or plant-related objects d'art. This is a vital source of PSSC's funding and time at the meeting is limited, so we ask that donors observe the following guidelines: (a) items should realistically bid for at least $20, preferably more; (b) please no common palms like Phoenix canariensis, Washingtonias, Sabals, etc. If in doubt, email Dave Bleistein the Auctioneer at dbleistein@rosen-law.com and ask. We reserve the right to end the auction before all items are bid on, in the event things run on too long.

Thanks to all for your support!



9:30 A.M. Board meeting at Taylor Garden

10:30 A.M. Self-guided tours of Taylor Garden

11:30 A.M. Board Meeting Adjourns / head to Muir Garden

12:30 P.M. Potluck Lunch (Chicken provided)

1:30 P.M. General meeting

2:00 P.M. Plant Auction

4:30 P.M. Adjourn


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BS Man about Palms

Tis my goal to attend.. :D


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40 minutes ago, BS Man about Palms said:

Tis my goal to attend.. :D


Be good to see you! Drag along a carful of San Diegans to join you!

This might be a barn-burner . . . .

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