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    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      50.) Phoenix Canariensis - Lambeth Bridge

      49.) Butia Odorata - Ham Street, Richmond

      48.) Brahea Armata - Bernard Gardens, Wimbledon

      47.) Phoenix Canariensis - Westover Road, Wandsworth

      46.) Washingtonia Filibusta - York Road, Chingford

      45.) Musa Basjoo - Musgrave Crescent, Fulham

      44.) Phoenix Canariensis - Mandala Way, Bermondsey

      43.) Washingtonia Filibusta - Paddington Docks, Little Venice

      42.) Jubaea Chilensis - Lordship Lane, Dulwich

      41.) Phoenix Canariensis - Sutherland Square, Walworth

      40.) Norfolk Island Pine - Star Road, Earl's Court

      39.) Brahea Armata - Merewood Road, Bexleyheath

      38.) Phoenix Canariensis - Ondine Road, East Dulwich

      37.) Washingtonia Filibusta - Collingwood Road, Tottenham

      36.) Phoenix Canariensis - Abbey Road, Belvedere

      35.) Nectarine/citrus tree - Winchester Road, Edmonton

      34.) Washingtonia Robusta - Stirling Road, Plaistow (private residence)

      33.) Phoenix Canariensis - Narford Road, Clapton

      32.) Washingtonia Filifera - Falcon Way, Isle of Dogs

      31.) Phoenix Canariensis - Heyworth Road, Clapton

      30.) Butia Odorata - Strawberry Vale, Twickenham

      29.) Yucca Elephantipes - Sutherland Grove, Peckham

      28.) Washingtonia - Old Brompton Road, Kensington
      27.) Brahea Armata & CIDP - Kensal House, Ladbroke Grove

      26.) Lemon Citrus - Egerton Terrace, Knightsbridge

      25.) Orange tree - Stockwell Road, Brixton

      24.) Washingtonia Filibusta - Chelsea Physic Garden, Fulham

      23.) Butia Yatay - Ham Road, Richmond

      22.) Bougainvillea - Longbridge Road, Dagenham

      21.) Phoenix Theophrasti - Salcombe Road, Ashford

      20.) Washingtonia Robusta - Ashburnham Grove, Greenwich

      19.) Phoenix Canariensis - Mount Street Gardens, Mayfair

      18.) Butia & Jubaea - Chelsea Physic Gardens, Fulham

      17.) Phoenix Canariensis - Rum Close, Wapping
      16.) Butia Odorata - Chumleigh Gardens, Burgess Park

      15.) Washingtonia Filibusta - Court Lane, East Dulwich

      14.) Phoenix Canariensis - Mattock Lane Church, Ealing

      13.)  Washingtonia Filibusta - Barnsbury Close, New Malden

      12.) Phoenix Canariensis - Addison Road, Holland Park

      11.) Washingtonia Robusta - Chalk, Gravesend (private residence)

      10.) Phoenix Canariensis - Hackney Town Hall

      9.) Washingtonia Filifera - Dover Road, Edmonton (private residence)

      8.) Jubaea Chilensis - Packington Estate, Islington

      7.) Phoenix Canariensis - Warwick Gardens, Kensington

      6.) Washingtonia Robusta's - Mortlake Road, Kew

      5.) Jubaea Chilensis - Ham Street, Richmond

      4.) Phoenix Canariensis - Egerton Place, Knightsbridge

      3.) Washingtonia Robusta - Penywern Gardens, Fulham (private residence)

      2.) Washingtonia Filibusta - Darlaston Road, Wimbledon

      1.) Phoenix Canariensis - River Gardens, Fulham
    • Cindy Adair
      By Cindy Adair
      Trimming my little artificial tree this year I noticed the many ornaments related to IPS travel.
      Memories abound. 

      Chime in if you attended any of the same IPS travel
      or have any palm related ornaments.
      First the decorated tree.

      My first Biennial was Thailand where I bought several elephant figurines at one of the Nong Nooch garden gift shops and added ornament hangers.

      The lemur brings back memories of an IPS Madagascar trip.

      The Seychelles was a side trip with an IPS friend and their double coconut coin is a favorite.

      And this Cuba bottle cap and a hot glued hanger topped some beverage on that post tour to the FL Biennial. No memory of the actual drink but perhaps someone reading this will fill me in?

      Singapore and Australia have pretty coins too!


      This hummingbird was from a botanical garden gift shop in the Director’s meeting in CA.

      This palm tree was not IPS travel related, but fit the overall palm theme.

      For those who missed her in the first photo, here’s my cat who is sure she is invisible.

      Happy Holidays everyone! 
    • MameyDisco
      By MameyDisco
      AT THE 37th 2021 FALL PALM SHOW & SALE
      November 6th & 7th
      at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (Coral Gables / Miami)

      We have 11 confirmed vendors bringing palms, cycads, & art. Vendor deadline is OCT. 31st.
      If you would like to be a vendor or volunteer at the sale please send an email to the SFPS board and you'll be sent the Vendor Packet + form.
      Please send to only (1) of our e-mails below.     https://southfloridapalmsociety.org/contact
      Updates, vendors, & species list will be posted on the SFPS website + on the Show & Sale page.
      You can also sign up for our e-mail list via the bottom of the page linked.    
      South Florida Palm Society

    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      A few from Weymouth on the south coast of England...

    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      So this glasshouse and garden is located about 10 miles northeast of my location, just on the outskirts of south London. It's a bit of a hidden gem, although not quite on Kew Garden's level...

      A stunning Bismarckia Nobilis that must be at least 20 foot tall...

      Sabal Mexicana...

      Sabal Minor

      Brahea Armata...

      They've got some stuff growing outdoors as well...

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