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    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      So I have a few joannis and spiralis seedlings that are doing quite well in some one gallon pots, bit now a few have roots coming out of the bottom. Should I transplant them to a deeper pot? If so, I'd really appreciate it if someone could link me a site where I can order the deep black square pots I see many growers using on here.
    • Rd003
      By Rd003
      Was at my grandparent’s house today and their front neighbors have a curious triple Veitchia specimen.. my guess would be V. winin
      some closeups of the fruit which look different from my V. arecina/joannis at home
      any ideas!!

    • Funkthulhu
      By Funkthulhu
      It is springtime, and a man's fancy turns towards thoughts of repotting his container ranch...  
      Let's be straight here, I'm in Nebraska, I have some "big" palm species creeping past the juvenile stage. . . and my ceilings are only 8 feet high right now.  Container Ranchers, how do you decide how big of a pot you will use for each of your species.  Assuming everything is deep enough for tap-roots and whatnot, does the pot size help or hinder the size of your palm?  In my most recent post I was talking about a potentially sick Veitchia, that little guy is getting a growth spurt right now.  Save for the freezing winters, if it were outside it has the potential to get freakin' huge.  I don't want it to be freakin' huge.  In fact, I'd like to keep it relatively unchanged for the foreseeable future.  They say a goldfish will grow to the size of its tank, but that's just hooey.  A goldfish keeps growing depending on how much food it gets and how long it lives, sometimes despite being too big for its tank.
      I guess what I'm asking is this:  In your experience does a larger pot equal a larger palm?  Does a larger pot equal a faster growing palm?  And by reversal, does a smaller pot keep a palm smaller for longer?  
      I don't want to end up with sickly stunted trees, but something that doesn't burst through the roof in a few years would be nice.  It means I get to enjoy my palms longer than I would normally in my apartment.  If that means I delay or even never increase the pot size for some of these species, I want to make sure I'm not doing them undue harm.
      We love our palms, but I also dig seeing the other plants/lifeforms that make their homes in palms.  The base of this Pigafetta at my place is home to climbing ferns and a begonia.  The Vetichias' grey trunks are increasingly mossy green.  Anyone else have palm epiphyte pics?

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I recently came across and purchased a hybrid palm I hadn't heard of before. The seller says the mother is Adonidia merrillii and the father could be either Wodyetia bifurcata or a Veitchia sp. He says it is a natural hybrid from his property. He germinated seeds from his Adonidia mother and discovered some of them grew 2-3x as fast and were far more vigorous and robust than pure Adonidia seedlings. They also have plentiful dark speckling that I haven't seen on Adonidias. Seller believes the father of these seedlings is either a Wodyetia or one of the Veitchia spp nearby. I hope this hybrid is as fast growing and robust as he says it is. I have planted it in spot in the back yard I have been holding open for 6 months. Does anyone here know of or possess a similar palm to this? I assume because of the Adonidia connection it shouldn't be considered a Foxy Lady but does it have a similar moniker?
      Adonidia x Wodyetia or x Veitchia sp