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    • Funkthulhu
      By Funkthulhu
      Playing around with some lists.  Made this one of all my pots in house.  Aside from some randos I picked up in Florida and got to sprout, I have identified most all of them! Granted, I had to go back through a bunch of old message and figure out what the heck @DoomsDave and others have mailed to me over the years.  But even the store-boughts are not guarantees until you see how they look when they get older.  Not a long list, but pretty good for this hobbyist and his little shared ranch.
      Adonidia merrillii
      Agave americana
      Aloe rubroviolacea(?)
      Aloe noideaensis
      Alpinia galanga
      Ananas comosus
      Archontophoenix tuckerii (2)
      Caryota mitis (fishtail)
      Chamaedorea cataractarem (big spread)
      Chamaedorea costaricana (bamboo-looking thin palm)
      Chamaedorea elegans
      Chamaedorea radicalis
      Citrus x sinensis (blood orange, maybe meyer lemon? 5 years old, flower soon?)
      Coccoloba uvifera (sea grape)
      Codiaeum veriegatum (croton)
      Curcuma longa
      Cycas revoluta
      Dracaena deremensis
      Dypsis lutescens(90% sure?)
      Dypsis plumosa (3 seedlings w/buried pot)
      Echeveria derenbergii(??)
      Echeveria wtf-ia
      Phoenix roebelenii
      Ravenea rivularis
      Trithrinax brasiliensis var acanthacoma (in the tiki-sign pot)
      Veitchia arecina(?)
      Zingiber officinale
      Still waiting on positive ID for some of those Florida randos; one of which has nearly 5 foot fronds and I think is a brand of cane palm?  But no trunk yet and recovering from a die-back, so I'm not ready to call it...  (also I have no clue what I'm doing)  There's also a lot of "stuff I was eating" like the ginger, citrus seeds, etc. that just got planted at some point.
      Some of the bigger pots like the succulents, Majesty, cycad, and pygmy date go outside in the summer.  But most of these are always indoors, and now that I have lots of windows I don't even need grow lights.  I'm not going to say they're all super healthy and loving the dry indoor Nebraska winter, but they're all still alive (so far).
      What do you have?
    • Funkthulhu
      By Funkthulhu
      I received some seed from @DoomsDave last year and even after moving and cats and everything else, I still have two seedlings left.  They're a deep green, and seem very healthy.  
      However!  In giving them a deep soak today I noticed that there are new tiny little spears coming up from the edge of the stem, not the center...  Then I did some research to find that C. mitis is a Tillering palm!  
      So, now I'm a bit worried.  They're in a rather small pot right now, and they only have 3 or 4 leaves each.  How big of a pot do I need for these?  Or, more importantly, how deep to accommodate the tillering of this species?  (while we're at it, what soil composition do they prefer, as I assume I'll be repotting?) 

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I have many palms. Most of them are very happy palms because I love them and we treat them well. In turn, they reward us with bountiful crops of seeds. I've learned there is scant interest in seeds of very tropical palms, esp. "common" ones that grow fast and get large no matter how beautiful they are. Today we got out the pole saw to stop these palms from burying us alive in seeds. We ended up with the pile of aborted infructescenses you see in the photos. Sad, I know, but necessary.
      For anyone interested, that pile includes the following species as I can best remember:
      Adonidia merrillii
      Veitchia joannis
      Veitchia spiralis
      Veitchia winin
      Carpentaria acuminata
      Dypsis pembana
      Coccothrinax sp
      Archonotophoenix tuckeri
      Archonotophoenix maxima
      Ptychosperma elegans

    • Funkthulhu
      By Funkthulhu
      I'm moving again.  Finally back into a house, not an apartment, with floor to ceiling windows on the East side, smaller high windows elsewhere.  However, I'm now going to be sharing space with my beloved.  As much as she would probably let me, I can't bring myself to hoard all of our space with palm trees.  I have all that space in front of East windows, but I also have to take into account the big pots outside that will need to come inside in the next couple months.  
      I have a number of "winners", like my oldest palms, my dwarf date, my wild collected Veitchia, and several others that are happy and healthy.  However, I also have about a dozen pots of seedlings in various states of development, containers of unsprouted seeds, and just rando that has potential but hasn't shown any initiative.  How do you choose?  There isn't enough room for everything, some of this HAS to go!  I've always had a mind-set of "if you live, I'll make space for you", but I seem to be hitting a wall against that.  
      /rant, thanks for reading, any advice or personal anecdotes would be appreciated. 
    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      So I have a few joannis and spiralis seedlings that are doing quite well in some one gallon pots, bit now a few have roots coming out of the bottom. Should I transplant them to a deeper pot? If so, I'd really appreciate it if someone could link me a site where I can order the deep black square pots I see many growers using on here.
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