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Veitchia Fading/Graying?

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I have a couple juvenile palms in a large-ish (3 or 4 gallon? bottom watering reservoir) pot in my apartment.  North facing window, but it's a full patio door.  These guys have rarely seen full sun and have been slowly chugging away for about 7 years (since seeds were collected in 2012).  Now, the largest of the 3 in this pot has started thickening around the bottom (still narrower than my wrist) and its top-most frond almost touched my 8 foot ceiling before arcing over to hang a good 6-7 feet at its highest.  No changes to heat, light, water, or fertilizer in the last 3 years.

This winter it seems that the fronds are "fading".  Or that they're edging into a lighter green, to an almost grayish green, but still not on the edge of yellow.  I'm concerned because other than the color of the fronds, the plant looks really healthy and, as said above, the main trunk is starting to bulk up a bit.  Should I be worried? 

For reference, I believe this to be a Veitchia arecina, based on visual inspection of the mother tree, fruits collected and sprouted, and the look of the plant now.

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I should add that it has overhead lights, some grow bulbs, about 12-16 hours per day. 

You can see it in the middle of this pile, the lighter almost yellow fronds: 

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    • Rd003
      By Rd003
      Was at my grandparent’s house today and their front neighbors have a curious triple Veitchia specimen.. my guess would be V. winin
      some closeups of the fruit which look different from my V. arecina/joannis at home
      any ideas!!

    • Funkthulhu
      By Funkthulhu
      It is springtime, and a man's fancy turns towards thoughts of repotting his container ranch...  
      Let's be straight here, I'm in Nebraska, I have some "big" palm species creeping past the juvenile stage. . . and my ceilings are only 8 feet high right now.  Container Ranchers, how do you decide how big of a pot you will use for each of your species.  Assuming everything is deep enough for tap-roots and whatnot, does the pot size help or hinder the size of your palm?  In my most recent post I was talking about a potentially sick Veitchia, that little guy is getting a growth spurt right now.  Save for the freezing winters, if it were outside it has the potential to get freakin' huge.  I don't want it to be freakin' huge.  In fact, I'd like to keep it relatively unchanged for the foreseeable future.  They say a goldfish will grow to the size of its tank, but that's just hooey.  A goldfish keeps growing depending on how much food it gets and how long it lives, sometimes despite being too big for its tank.
      I guess what I'm asking is this:  In your experience does a larger pot equal a larger palm?  Does a larger pot equal a faster growing palm?  And by reversal, does a smaller pot keep a palm smaller for longer?  
      I don't want to end up with sickly stunted trees, but something that doesn't burst through the roof in a few years would be nice.  It means I get to enjoy my palms longer than I would normally in my apartment.  If that means I delay or even never increase the pot size for some of these species, I want to make sure I'm not doing them undue harm.
      We love our palms, but I also dig seeing the other plants/lifeforms that make their homes in palms.  The base of this Pigafetta at my place is home to climbing ferns and a begonia.  The Vetichias' grey trunks are increasingly mossy green.  Anyone else have palm epiphyte pics?

    • PalmatierMeg
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      I recently came across and purchased a hybrid palm I hadn't heard of before. The seller says the mother is Adonidia merrillii and the father could be either Wodyetia bifurcata or a Veitchia sp. He says it is a natural hybrid from his property. He germinated seeds from his Adonidia mother and discovered some of them grew 2-3x as fast and were far more vigorous and robust than pure Adonidia seedlings. They also have plentiful dark speckling that I haven't seen on Adonidias. Seller believes the father of these seedlings is either a Wodyetia or one of the Veitchia spp nearby. I hope this hybrid is as fast growing and robust as he says it is. I have planted it in spot in the back yard I have been holding open for 6 months. Does anyone here know of or possess a similar palm to this? I assume because of the Adonidia connection it shouldn't be considered a Foxy Lady but does it have a similar moniker?
      Adonidia x Wodyetia or x Veitchia sp

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      Hey all
      I'm looking for seeds again
      This time: Veitchia arecina and Pinanga batanensis
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