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    • Shoowow
      By Shoowow
      Living in the Azores since 2015 after spending most of my adult life in New England, I've had a chance to explore most of S. Miguel island as a hiking guide. I've also started growing several palms in at quinta minuvida orchard lodge, our business. Most of them are looking pretty good by now.
      Posting here some images of my palm garden, the neighborhood and the island. I've found that pretty much everything grows since the climate is even, with high humidity and rain. I don't fertilize or water any of my palms or fruit trees.
      Please feel free to ask questions.

      The Roystonea on the forefront has been on the ground about three years now from 1 gallon container.
       Alfie 18 months on the ground from 1 gallon.
      Kentias by the pool. Bought them already large.
      One of the Kentias I transplanted 3 years ago from 5 gallon. Growing like crazy.

      Yoga in our banana plantation.

      Sunset in the neighborhood.

      Mountains and waterfalls...
      Life is a beach...
      On the island's trails.
      Palms from around the island.

    • SW_FL_Palms
      By SW_FL_Palms
      IPS has posted it's pre & post tours.   Unfortunately, the do not go to areas where you can see the Spiny Forest, Succulents,  Baobabs.  Of course, it is the palm society so they are focused on palms.
      Is there anyone out there that would like to join us on Madagascar tour that would take us to see the iconic plants that I listed above ?   A tour company will customize. and provide a quote    So let me know if you are interested, and preference for either before or after the biennial in Reunion.   
    • Kim
      By Kim
      Hello from Cali, Colombia. It is the evening of the Farewell Dinner, but I will take a few minutes to post some pics from the adventure. Bo (bgl) and I spent a few days in Bogotá in advance of the Biennial. We visited the Jardín Botanico de Bogotá and also went up the teleférico to the top of Montserrate to take in views of the city. The elevation of the city is 8,675 ft. (2,644 m.) and the top of the hill is 10,341 ft. (3,152 m.), a good way to acclimate for hiking at lower levels to see Ceroxylon.

    • Justin
      By Justin
      We're arranging a trip to Guatemala and Belize at the end of this month, and looking for any palm-related places that people recommend.  The tentative itinerary has us around Antigua, Lago Atitlan, Lago Peten Itza (near Tikal) - all in Guatemala, and Placencia, Belize.
      Any ideas for excursions to see palms in habitat would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
    • Kim
      By Kim
      Click this link to read the July Newsletter.  

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