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    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      One of my Washingtonia robusta seedlings leaned sideways a bit when it was in the community pot and started to grow that way. I potted it up with the base of the small trunk pointing up. Will this seedling straighten out? 

    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      I literally just screenshot this off of my buddy's Instagram story just now (please ignore the silly shark lol). I couldn't help but notice what looked like Washingtonias, but he is in SC near Myrtle Beach. Do Washies actually manage to get this big in Myrtle? I do see the dead trunk on the left, however...

    • RyManUtah
      By RyManUtah
      Filifera babies popping up. Seeds sown from rotten fruit beneath the afformentioned wild Nevada specimens. What a nice surprise! 

    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      So my biggest W robusta seedling has been doing well, but recently it's leaf tips have been turning yellow. It's in a pearlite peat mix and gets light for at least 8 hours a day from grow lamps. Additionally it is on a heated mat with others. I water it when it gets dry, which is almost once a day. Maybe I'm overwatering it? Pot size? Should it go outside perhaps? Help is appreciated.