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    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      I received three giant dioon seeds from Seedman.com today, how do I properly germinate them? Do I soak them like palm seeds? They are massive, like the size of small eggs, and I hear rattling inside when I shake them.
    • chuckg
      By chuckg
      Cristate ceratozamia kusteriana. About 2 inch caudex. $150 OBO. PM me if interested 

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      An untagged potted cycad is dropping ripe seeds in my back yard jungle. I suspect it might be a Zamia but what species or hybrid I don't know. It is not a Z. furfuracea ("cardboard palm") nor a coontie (too large).
      Can anyone tell me even what it might be? Is anyone interested in the ripe seeds? The fruit/seeds are about 3/4" long and 1/2" wide. Thanks.

    • chuckg
      By chuckg
      Dioon Spinulosa for sale 18 inches of trunk $300 The car is for scale, but also for sale. The car and dioon for $1200. My E-mail is 69chuckfg69@gmail.com 

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      So I went on Google Maps and was looking around near Cairns Australia just to see what it looked like, and I saw this. Does anyone know what cycad this is? It looks really cool.