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Palm Tree Jim

Encephalartos horridus

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Palm Tree Jim

For sale is a E. horridus. The caudex is approximately 4.5 inches.

The sex is unknown.


 No shipping or trades. Cash only.

Call/text me at 949-348-1735






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Palm Tree Jim

Price drop to $275.

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    • RaychHasDatePalms
      By RaychHasDatePalms
      So I know, I know.... palms and Michigan, and we have had this discussion many times before. 
      I have had bad luck with keeping palms alive, obviously, but I feel I have chosen the wrong ones. Plenty of us have had this discussion and I know plenty of you are able to do it. (Yes, KinzyJr, I am referring to you —and others) 
      So. What do you think? I am looking at a pygmy date palm, a Christmas palm, or a cycid that has a similar silhouette to the other two mentioned. It would be in a pot in my office, which has a window but I’d say partial sun as opposed to full sun. (I do also have a grow lamp in there that my hardy fig has loved but that wasn’t good enough for my coconut baby, RIP.) It’s hot and very humid in the summer—70s-90s—but the winter is extremely dry and we tend to keep the furnace at 69-71. 
      Not A TA also mentioned sending something, too, since I had bad luck with my seeds (idk what it is with seeds and me), which is AMAZING and so kind, so there will be more conversation regarding indoor palm health at that time, I am sure. 
      Also, once I’m done watching YouTube church, I’ll post the links of the trees in the shop I am looking at. I am willing to bet that someone here is familiar with the shop.
      Thank you so much!!!!! 
    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      This morning I was doing a little cleanup after strong Santa Ana winds created some minor messes in my yard.  At one point I was really focused on the task at hand and stepped back into a small but somewhat valuable seedling I have been growing for about five years now.  It was a bit of a heartbreaker when I felt something under foot, looked down at all the leaves broken off my small Encephalartos nubimontanus.  I had transplanted it to a new spot at one point which slowed it's growth, but getting it as a single leaf seedling and working with it for five years didn't make it any easier to see the damage.  I know that most of the plant is currently subterranean.  I'll hope for the best and leave it in place after carefully trimming off the leaves that I unceremoniously crushed this morning.  Fortunately I do have another one that is quite a bit further along, so no fear of stepping on it by accident.  I guess this is what we call unintentional editing.
      I know I'm not the only one who has had this experience at least once (I won't yet share how many other similar incidents have occurred over the years).   Perhaps you have a similar story of guilt, think of this as a call to the confessional of plants edited,  trampled, or otherwise hurt unintentionally.
    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      I received three giant dioon seeds from Seedman.com today, how do I properly germinate them? Do I soak them like palm seeds? They are massive, like the size of small eggs, and I hear rattling inside when I shake them.
    • chuckg
      By chuckg
      Cristate ceratozamia kusteriana. About 2 inch caudex. $150 OBO. PM me if interested 

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      An untagged potted cycad is dropping ripe seeds in my back yard jungle. I suspect it might be a Zamia but what species or hybrid I don't know. It is not a Z. furfuracea ("cardboard palm") nor a coontie (too large).
      Can anyone tell me even what it might be? Is anyone interested in the ripe seeds? The fruit/seeds are about 3/4" long and 1/2" wide. Thanks.

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