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Spring Garden Tour - Croton Meeting & Auction - S. Florida - April 6th, 2019

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Spring Garden Tour

Croton Meeting & Auction

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

Cooper City, S. Florida


The next Croton 'Group' Meeting and Auction has been combined with the S. Florida-based Spring Garden Tour. It will take place at a popular and well-known garden, consisting of a vast Palm, Croton and tropical plant collection. I believe most of the plants for the Auction will be Croton cultivars, including some extremely rare ones, but I think any plant may show up. The auctioned plants support the donor, as there isn't an actual Croton Society anymore. Trading and personal sales among plant fanatics is popular among the attendees. There is usually a huge spread of food brought by those in attendance. These tours and meetings have been a fun way to explore a garden and spend time with fellow plant enthusiasts in the area. The auctions have always been exciting to see what rare cultivar comes up for bid, and what bids they may bring.

For location, details, directions, ideas on what to bring for food or plants, or to have any other questions answered, send an email to the following address:

email: colorfulcrotons@gmail.com




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Jeff Searle

Are we keeping it a secret on it's location? I'm not understanding why. Time? And I assume were having an auction of plants that would further encourage people to come. How many plants can one bring for the auction? Who's organizing the food and drinks?  In another words, who's in charge? Lol

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Chairs... I forgot to mention to bring a chair to have for the auction, for lunch, or to just plain have a place to sit. There always seems to be a shortage of seating at these meetings.


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As it’s a private residence it was thought not to post the address. The usual suspects know where it is...others can contact  Colorfulcrotons@gmail.com

10:30 is a good time. Bull Winkle is in charge...Natasha & Boris are bringing chairs...you might as well.

I have plates..forks. Bring food or drinks

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