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Calamus in pots

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I really miss any reliable experiences about Calamus genera. At first I want to describe my experiences. Please feel free to share yours, I think it's one of the most challenging genera to grow in pots.

I was starting with Calamus viminalis seeds, germination was easy, in 30°C and it took 2 months approximately. But from some reason, I wasn't able to keep them alive for more then 2-3 leafs. Mortality was brutal, only 2/20 plants survived. Here is the "biggest" one (Calamus viminalis):


In my opinion, the biggest problem came from roots. All my next attempts with this genera are only with new potting mix consist mainly of pinium bark chips with Seramis.

Here is attempt with Calamus sp from my friend in Thailand. Germination was really fast, only 1 month. All 30 plants are  planted in individual small pots. I really enjoy the first leaf on them (2-3x bigger  then C. henryanus, but seed looks almost same in size and shape)received_549453432238002.thumb.jpeg.2af3bfae95954e6bbdc0b0db0a3b1ab2.jpeg

And here is same old Calamus henryanus from RPS, it was a big surprise for me that they germinated


I heard they love high air humidity, but in combination with old potting mix (perlite + substrate) it causes high mortality. I believe in new fast drainage mix will roots do better. 

This genera has brutal potential, I would be very grateful for any experiences.


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