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I grew this avacado tree seedling and put it in dirt about a month ago, which is when it sent up its first leaves. In that time it did not get a lot of sun, sometimes only 30 minutes a day of sun actually shining on it. My question is, do the seedlings usually get this tall before they really start to grow leaves, or is mine really stretched out? 



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Nj Palms

Mine is the same way. I have two one is more stout and the other is about as tall as yours. It's normal nothing to worry about.

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If they got more light the stems would not be stretched out as much.   You should put it in a bigger pot, but be careful as avocado roots are very brittle and break easily when disturbed.

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It is nothing to worry about true, but yes it is certainly stretched by lack of light. If it had grown in full sun it would have leaves close to the seed and a much thicker stem.

Logical when you think about it. It's a rainforest tree, it will respond to light. If a seed falls under a dense canopy, it will aim for light asap. Yours thinks it's under a dense rainforest canopy. Under established avocado trees we see this all the time; self-sown seedlings under the canopy are tall and thin, seedlings outside the canopy are short and fat.

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If this is going to be an indoor tree you shouldn't have any issues.  I have clipped off the top half before when I wanted to thicken the stem and get a hardier, bushier, plant.  This is easiest to do when young as it is still working off the seed.  But yours looks great!

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