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Southeast Baltimore County Lowest Annual Temperatures (Past 20 Years)

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So being the palm dweeb that I am, last night I was researching the lowest annual temperatures for Baltimore (my hometown) and I realized that the lowest temperatures were recorded at BWI airport. The airport is cooler than my location and I was curious what the same temperatures were in areas closer to me. So on the days where the lowest temperatures were recorded, I searched the temperatures at the weather stations closest to me and these were my findings for the past 20 years: 

2019: 8°
2018: 5°
2017: 12°
2016: 12°
2015: 4°
2014: 6°
2013: 15°
2012: 15°
2011: 15°
2010: 16°
2009: 10°
2008: 16°
2007:  12°
2006: 16°
2005: 13°
2004: 8°
2003: 8°
2002: 12°
2001: 15°
2000: 8°
1999: 10°

20 year Average: 11.8° Zone 8a

This change to zone 8 is reflected in the Arbor Day Foundation Hardiness zone map. Despite some zone 7 winters, the majority of winters are zone 8 here (which excites me tremendously!!!!!!) 

I just thought this was interesting for those curious about microclimates since I live in one generated by the Baltimore metro on one side and the Chesapeake Bay on the other. 

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Nice work. I never realized that BWI was a cool 8a climate. If you want more accurate data for your location, I recommend that you invest in a weather station. You'll probably be surprised how warm your location is. 

Also, check out WeatherUnderground. You can browse different weather stations and compare microclimates nearby. 


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I was using wunderground and old Farmer’s Almanac for my local spot haha. BWI is cooler than my area. For each temperature I saw from BWI, my area was 2-4° warmer. 

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There are a lot of drops below your 8a zone though.  I did a similar spreadsheet for my area and of the last 16 years (all that I did) no temps dropped below my zone.   Your nicest palm choice is a fortunei which you would need to protect from Mid Dec or Jan to Mid Feb, March

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