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    • AZ_Palm_Guy
      By AZ_Palm_Guy
      Just as the title states, just looking for some green bismarck seeds or seedlings. If anyone has or knows where to get some please let me know. Willing to pay for shipping and palm of course. 
    • parsons acre
      By parsons acre
      Hey eveyrone.. NW Piedmont NC here with a yard full of yet to be identified Sabals that have been growing on their own.. with no assistance whatsoever and have 'naturalized' or that is the term the Ag 
      Agency uses.. anyway... I am thinking about selling some seeds online this year since they come up everyewhere cracks in sidewalks, downspouts.. all over the lawn.. along the creek,, point is they are super hardy thing is i do not know when or how to start collecting some of them. thanks
    • Darwinpalmlover
      By Darwinpalmlover
      Hi all...I am looking to see if anyone has any fresh C.Renda seeds available.
    • GardnerDylan6a
      By GardnerDylan6a
      Hello I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to germinate Ptychosperma elegans seeds, thanks
    • GardnerDylan6a
      By GardnerDylan6a
      Hello I was wondering if people could share how they germinate W. Filifera and Robusta seeds, I am wondering what the ideal temperature for germination is, as I have my Filifera seeds in a pot at room temperature with the soil at around 67 F, will they germinate?

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