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    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      Hello all! Just wanted to get opinios on how fast it takes a cycad in the seedling stage to develop a caudex? 
      I know there are many types of cycads that grow and different rates. 
      My personal favorite cyads right now are encephalartos. 
      What is the typical rate from seedling to developing a small caudex for encephalartos? 
      Is it better to pay for something that has a caudex developed or stick with seedlings and watch them grow?
      Also what is the typical amount of time for germination?
    • Pablo Palma
      By Pablo Palma
      Hello everyone, recently joined new member. Very nice to meet you all!!
      Could you help me with an ID for this palm? My first guess was Adonidia merrillii but somehow just looks different to me. What do you think? I can add details of trunk, fruits, inflorescences and leaves if required. Thanks.

    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      Hello!! Wanting to repot my encephalartos lehmannii into a nice pot as the pot it is currently in came from the nursery. 
      I am trying to figure out the best soil for it. My concern is if it drains too fast will it not be able to absorb water and nutrition.  
      I have two options I am thinking of and the screen shots show the ingredients. Is there one you would recommend based on the ingredients? I have tried black and gold before, just not sure if it would be considered too fast draining. 
      And if there is another kind of soil, I am all ears. :). I want to do this right as it will be in a pot for at least a few years. 
      Also I read online that terra cotta pots that are unglazed are the best option? Any thoughts on what would be best for here in arizona.
      Thank you for your time. 

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      My second Sabal miamiensis, grown from a seed I collected from a plaqued palm at Leu Botanical Garden in Orlando, FL, has produced its first crop of seeds. They are by far the largest Sabal seeds I have ever seen in person. I posted about them in a topic I link to below.
      So, are these seeds the offspring of a pure S. miamiensis or a hybrid between S.m. and another Sabal species growing in Leu Garden? I'm not sure and I believe no one else is either.
      If you wish to learn more about S. miamiensis, read the following article from Palmpedia
      I have another Sabal miamiensis that I received as a tiny seedling in 2008. It has been seeding for years and I thought it had large seeds - until now. This year I cut off its inflorescenses so its genetics would not interfere with the newer palm. However, I have seeds of my older S.m. remaining from 2019 to compare. My younger S.m. flowered and set seeds earlier than than the older. Those seeds also ripened 6-8 weeks earlier than any other Sabal. I finished harvesting them earlier this week. Sabal palm seeds in Cape Coral generally ripen from late Oct. through Nov. Not only are these seeds exceptionally large but they are also fewer in number than I have seen on any other Sabal except uber dwarf Sabal minors.
      Photo 1:  Left) Six seeds of S. miamiensis 'Leu Garden' - compared to - Right) six seeds of my older S. miamiensis 'Original' from 2019

      I want to make these unusually large Sabal miamiensis 'Leu Garden' seeds available to PTers. I am also offering the remainder of my older miamiensis' 2019 crop at a discount. Sabal seeds are not short-lived like some palm seeds and these nearly year-old seeds should still germinate well. Perhaps some of you might wish to grow both sets of seeds side by side for comparison, then report back to the forum with results. I can package both sets for combined shipping.
      Sabal miamiensis 'Leu Garden' Seeds:  25 @ $10.00 for the lot
                                                                      50 @ $15.00 for the lot
                                                                     100 @ $20.00 for the lot
      Sabal miamiensis 'Original' 2019 seeds:  50 @ $8.00 for the lot
                                                                           100 @ $12.00 for the lot
      Shipping: $6.00 up to 300 seeds             No shipping outside the US.  No shipping to HI
      Payment via Paypal
      PM me if you are interested
      Sabal miamiensis 'Leu Garden' seeds (top) and fruit (bottom)

      Sabal miamiensis 'Leu Garden' mother palm, 2020

      Sabal miamiensis 'Original' mother palm, 2019

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I am selling my remaining African oil palm seeds and over a dozen seedlings that volunteered in my yard in one lot. Palmpedia is acting up at the moment but you can read about this palm below:
      See summary below:
      Elaeis guineensis seedlings: 12+ one- and two-leaf seedlings
      Elaeis guineensis seeds: 12+ seeds
      COST FOR LOT = $20.00
      Shipping for Lot = $10.00 via Priority Mail        No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI
      TOTAL = $30.00
      Payment via Paypal
      PM me if you are interested

      Mother Palm

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