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Desperately searching for Pandanus utilis!

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Hello! Been a longtime lurker and my desperation to get this plant has led me to finally make an account!


I’m looking for a smaller sized tree, anything from maybe 5 gal to a large seedling size.  I have reached the end of the internet trying to get one to me here in San Diego and have still had zero luck.  You know when you get obsessed with that “one” plant and need it more than any other?  Pandanus utilis has become that one for me.  Not sure why it’s been such a long, fruitless search, but anyone who might be able to help me out would be soooo appreciated!  Willing to pay cash or trade for any number of the rare plants I have. Please message me!




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Do a quick search on plantant.com, I see at least 30 listings for that plant.  You don't need an account to do a search.  D'Asign Source, Action Theory and others carry small ones up to 10' and larger.  I'm not sure which will sell retail and are certified to ship to CA.

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Thank you so much! I had come across plantant.com randomly but didnt didn’t realize it was such a good resource and worth signing up for an account! I emailed quite a few of the nurseries with listings and have already got responses!  I had also checked junglemusic.com and could have sworn I saw that p. utilis was currently unavailable.  I must have looked at an old price list or maybe he updated his current list since I checked. I literally reached the end of the google search results and still hadn’t found a source, and with one post here I already have several! You have no idea how much I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Looks like i’lI have my tree soon! Thank you!

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You're welcome!  I randomly ran across this listing in the "For Sale" forum, Josh-O might have some available semi-locally!


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    • Walt
      By Walt
      About a year ago I was given two Pandanus plants (species unknown). All I know was the guy said when he was in Hawaii he obtained seeds and grew the plants. Because he lives in a mobile home park and was totally over planted, the landlord forbid him from planting any more plants; hence why he gave the pandanus plants to me. What I'm trying to discern is just what species of pandanus they are. 
      Photos 1 and 2 below show one of the two pandanus mentioned above, an overall photo and a closer up leaf photo.
      Photos 3 and 4 below show a clumping pandanus species I have growing back in my wooded area. This pandanus was given to me about 10 years ago by a Palmtalk member.  I don't recall him telling me what species it was.
      Photo 5 shows three potted Pandanus tectorius I bought last July from Floribunda. Note that these are a different shade of green than one in photo 1. I would never have purchased these if in fact pandanus 1 is also Pandanus  tectorius. 
      Regardless, I will find a place for those in photo 5. I may just plant them as a group.
      I understand Pandanus tectorius develops a trunk, branches, and stilt roots. I was hoping the pandanus in photo 1 will grow a trunk, branches, etc. 
      But the pandanus in my wooded area, after 10 years or more, obviously doesn't develop a trunk, branches, etc.
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      From seeds, I really ignore how it becomes, can you post your pictures?

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      These pandanus are located in the former Julatten palmetum.
      These two monsters are originally from Papua New Guinea and are planted close to the house. 
      (apparently the caterpillars  on the vine are more interesting)

      For scale my partner Claire is standing between the roots.

      I'm not a big fan of variegated pandanus, but this one deserved inclusion.