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It Is Icy Out!

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So we had a bit of snow, then it got really icy and apparently we are suppose to have more snow around 5 PM. Tempature has been hovering from 30 - 34 degrees F. Tonight it is suppose to get down to 27 degrees F. I am sure the roads are going to be a mess. 

Loblolly Pines (below)




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Needle Palm (below)


Butia (below) 


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One of my many Sabal palmetto seedlings (below)


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That's cold alright!

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    • LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      By LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      The weather differences here between today and yesterday are pretty staggering. 
      And even more so around this time last year!
      Anyone living south of the Mason Dixon can probably relate to these events. But sadly, mass meltings like these always demonstrate how poor my native soil is. It’s a clay type soil which can remain  extremely soggy around 1-3 days after precipitation. You can even see runoff and puddling. The drainage is extremely poor and I would like some tips on improving it. I want to keep my palm’s soil atleast partly the native soil, but I was thinking about adding organic materials to the mix such as crumbled leaves, peat moss, and pearlite to increase drainage. Any experiences and/or tips will help! Thanks!

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      How well do the Appalachian mountains block cold air? Are they simply not tall enough to block as much cold air as the Rockies on the West Coast (areas that share the same latitude as me on the West Coast and that are as far from the ocean as me are zone 9a/9b for the most part)? From this tempature map (I am currently just Southwest of Richmond) it seems like they do a good job. Although this is never something I really paid attention too (much). 

    • Bill H2DB
      By Bill H2DB
      Here's a shot of some local  PWS's  via W.U. taken this morn at about 7AM.
      (The DP has actually dropped since yesterday , when it was at 78-80 for much of the day , and that 
      combined with air temps of about 90-92 , gave heat indexes of about 107 or so....)
      Surf Temps have been running about 86 deg for a few weeks .
      7AM 9-21-18 DB area by Bill H, on Flickr
    • Dosmi
      By Dosmi
      My lifelong quest would be to have rough requirement tables in Wikipedia for a quick lookup for the palm trees to grow, what temperatures it can grow in, what extreme conditions it can grow in,
      and more difficult - a map representation where that species could potentially grow (with possibly some color scale on how difficult it is for a palm tree to grow there).
      If you have good resources for such material, especially for the maps, maybe some already exist (I've not found a map yet which shows where Arecaceae grow in the world) please let me know, any information is really helpful!
    • Jim in Los Altos
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      I thought it would be fun if some of us could post their area's climate and the number of palm species currently growing in their gardens. Here's mine in Los Altos, CA. I'm at 150 species so far.