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Makaisland Palms

Phenakospermum guyanense help!

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Makaisland Palms

Hey!  Been creeping on everyone's conversations for a few years now but finally making my first post!  I managed to germinate one single Phenakospermum Guyanese seed and get it up to six leaves now after almost 2 years.  The newest leaf, however, came up but never unfurled.  Then it browned up and I cut it off before the rot went too far down into the psudostem.   I'm keeping it in its own drained pot with an outer pot with no holes.  Then placed the whole unit inside a much larger bucket with a bit of water and a vented plastic cover to keep up warmth and humidity.


My question is, any tips on if I'm doing something completely wrong here?  And, will a new leaf still form even if the last one died and I cut it off?   Thanks to everyone!


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