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Eric Thompson

King palms germination

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Eric Thompson

Hey guys just got a bunch of King seeds and have a couple questions. 

I noticed a couple of the seeds has cracked and there were smaller seeds insize similar to Washingtonias so my question is.. am I to Hull these seeds or is just soaking them sufficient. 

Also I have some decent temperature control and I was thinking of popping them into individual cells in a 1020 tray with a humi-dome. Is this going to work for me or am I better to use the baggy method and split them after? 

Sincerly Eric the Noob

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It shouldn't be necessary to remove the outer shell to germinate king seeds. They germinate well for me just falling into the mulch. If you want to pot them, choose deep pots  - at least 6" so they have room for their long radicles. Don't put them into those shallow flats. Be aware that all the king palm species are quite root sensitive so you want to avoid situations, i.e., shallow pots, that might cause fatal root damage.

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