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Euterpe oleracea

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My Açaí Palm (Euterpe oleracea) seedling...

As shown in the picture, Açaí Palm first leaves are bifid.

It will join my Syagrus weddeliana, Phoenix sp. and Chamaedorea elegans in my small palm collection in my apartment.

Soon, a Chamaedorea metallica will join them.

It's a dwarf açaí variety that reaches only 3 to 4 meters. As soon as it reaches its adult size, it will be planted at my father's backyard.



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New leaf!


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    • Plantasexoticas
      By Plantasexoticas
      Hello everyone,
      I've just received my Euterpe oleracea seeds which were nearly all germinated on arrival. 
      I am curious to know who is growing them outside the tropics and what kind of success you have had with them