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    • avanza
      By avanza
      Copernicia macroglossa water need?
      thank you

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      A while back Cocoa Beach Jason posted photos of a butchered C. macroglossa that made me cringe - felony palm abuse. I have a much smaller version (no trunk, I think) planted in my Caribbean front garden. I was given it by a PTer in Punta Gorda back in 2008. From a 1g to this. Not a rocket. It has some nutritional issues but we are in the middle of summer fertilizer blackout and I've had more critical issues to face lately. I'll feed it in the fall. BTW, in the first photo, the palm behind it is my largest Sabal Lisa. Jason, I really hope you can rescue your neighbor's C.m. from its idiot owner.
      Copernicia macroglossa

    • virtualpalm
      By virtualpalm
      I have 100+ germinated Copernicia macroglossa seeds available at $1.00 each. I would prefer to sell them to one or two people to reduce the amount of shipping. Please contact me by PM here or at jody@plantapalm.com.

      Jody Haynes
      Miami, FL

    • Moose
      By Moose
      At the Ramble at Fairchild, a buddy of mine was contemplating purchasing a Copernicia hospita. He was invited to come and check out the Moose Land form.

      We went to check out the other Copernicias and look what was found on the Copernicia macroglossa.
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