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California Wildfires - 2018

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Hope that they get this situation under control soon.

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2 minutes ago, kinzyjr said:

Hope that they get this situation under control soon.

The forecast is for several days of rain next week in California. That can only help the situation, as long as there are no mudslides in the just-burned areas.:unsure:

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      Cyrtostachys renda, the Red Sealing Wax Palm (also known as the Lipstick Palm) , has the well-deserved reputation of not being able to grow 'en la tierra' in Southern Florida. Notoriously cold-sensitive,
      It can 'brown off' at 40 degrees F. Attached photograph shows a 10-year old plant doing quite well on Miami Beach. It has a western and southern exposure and is shielded from the north. There are two 'tall' trunks , reaching 10 feet (highest point). The palm has managed 46 degrees F with no damage. On the same evening, temperatures 1-2 miles inland (Coral Gables) were 42 degrees.  South Florida has had a long streak (?15+ years) of mild winters. I can testify to knowing of fruiting breadfruit trees 25 feet high a mile from Biscayne Bay (something unthinkable 30 years ago), anecdotal evidence of climate change. Are other enthusiasts having success with the stunning Red Sealing Wax palm in Miami and environs?  Just curious. 

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      What are your experiences in South Florida regarding this warming?
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      Please share your thoughts or experiences in the garden and weather world from South Florida, I would love to hear them.
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