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      By Merlyn2220
      I have a two spots at the corner of the front walkway that I'm trying to fill, and so far haven't been happy with the results.  I was pretty happy with the young pygmy date doubles in the below photo, and then my neighbor gave me three mature 8' tall doubles and triples.  You can see part of one on the left side of the below photo.  So now I'm looking to replace the pygmy doubles with something bigger and pinnate.  Off to the left of the photo I have a 3' OA silver Bismarck, and the Sylvester is a new planting.  Behind the Sylvester is an Adonidia triple that probably won't survive tomorrow's cold front, and off to the right are a couple of 10' OA Livistona Chinensis. For a size reference the walkway is 11' wide at the end.  I wouldn't mind covering up part of the walkway with fronds, but I wouldn't want to cover up the whole thing or make it too difficult or annoying to walk out the front door!  I might extend the right side of the flower bed over to go around the Sylvester, but I haven't decided yet.
      This location gets full sun from about 10-4pm all year.  I'm not fixated on keeping something alive in this spot in the worst winters (25F and sometimes lower) but it would be nice to have it survive a "normal" winter where we have an occasional light freeze.  This spot has direct NW wind exposure and no canopy, so there is really no protection.
      I've decided that I want something bigger, but not huge.  I could easily go up to around 8 feet diameter, though I'd definitely have to move that a bit away from the walkway and driveway.  I'm envisioning something pinnate and recurving, sort of like a bottle palm.  I have a couple of young Chambeyronia Macrocarpa that I could put there, or pick up a pair of dwarf Green Maypan coconuts.  All three of those are in the "might survive an easy winter" category, but the coconut and flamethrowers would eventually get way too big for the spot...if they lived long enough!  Others I've thought about are the Dypsis Pembana (small enough to stay there), Ptychosperma Macarthurii and Dictyosperma Album/Rubrum (both eventually way too big).  My wife *really* likes coconuts.  I might have to plant a couple there, even if they end up being annuals.
      Throw out some suggestions!  I'm having writer's...er...I mean palm block!   

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