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Brad Mondel

Variegated majesty palm

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Brad Mondel

I'd like to trade this rare variegated Ravenea rivularis, send me an offer on what you got. I would like to see this palm taken care of in a greenhouse or someone's warm tropical yard!


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Ben in Norcal

Dang. Can you get it to California?

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    • DoomsDave
      By DoomsDave
      Drive around town and noted the Ravenea rivularis all over.
      Show us yours!

    • dwimss
      By dwimss
      I have few majesty palms in my green house and they are not looking good anymore they are all dying, I dont know what to do to save them  The other palm next to them (Veitchia and Archontophoenix are looking good !)
      I feel like they are overwatered maybe ? I have read that they love water, I checked the roots and they seems okay ... 
      Pls help !






    • dwimss
      By dwimss
      Ravenea Rivularis (AKA Majesty Palm) is avaliable for sale almost everywhere in the US or Canada, you can find it at Home depo, Ikea, ....... It is pobably the same in Europe, Australia and other places ... But unfortunately we can't find the seeds anywhere, I never saw them on RPS and any other seeds sellers !
      Is it because no one needs the seeds and can easly buy many palms for a low price ?
      Or because the seeds don't store well ?
      Or we can find them easily and I'm just not looking at the right place ?
      What do you think ?
    • dwimss
      By dwimss
      I just noticed somthing special on one of my Ravenea, seems that it's a clumping variant, I dont know how it's possible ??? Usally they just plant multiple palms in the same pot !
      Pictures below :  



    • tfinvold
      By tfinvold
      Anyone get their indoor Majesty palm to grow and open spears into fronds? Thing is I live at 7,000ft in Flagstaff a fairly dry mountain climate so its very dry indoors usually. It is in the kitchen which give it a little more moisture and heat from cooking. After 1 year of the original transplant from the nursery container I had used some cheap organic generic fruit fertilizer I had laying around. It's mostly bone meal and has a good amount of nitrates. At first I was thinking it had low potassium as the leaves were sort of yellow on some fronds but I checked the soil it wasn't too soggy so then I figured it just didn't get enough light and I pretty much left it there in front of the sliding glass door for a while. Nothing happened for months, the about 3 months ago one spear turned into a frond and opened up so then I fertilized it to help it out and put a mirror behind the palm it to help it gather the limited amount of sunlight I have to work with (3-4 hours a day of direct and some shaded sunlight) now three more spears popped open all at once this last week. So I used a little bit more organic fertilizer to keep things going as it contains no chemicals as you can't really over do it on the organic fertilizer.