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Fresh Palm Seed Offerings From Faulkner's Palms.

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Very satisfied so far. My super silver saw palmettos have had 50 percent germination in little time 

thanks christian can’t wait for my others to start 


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    • Hillizard
      By Hillizard
      The information in this current newsletter from Silverhill Seeds was discussed at last year's NorCal Palm Society meeting in Berkeley. It's a very tragic event that adds to previous posts by Palmtalk folks regarding the many challenges of collecting seeds "in the wild" in some locations. I thought it was something to share with a wider audience in this forum.
    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      So we got down to 12°F a few days ago and now it has warmed up and we are currently in the low 60s and yesterday was in the low 60s as well. My Butia bought simply as a "Pindo Palm" from Lowes in the Spring shows little damage so far. The only damage I can see is a bit of browning on parts of the oldest leaves and a spot here or there on the "middle aged" leaves. The newest ones look fine so far. I will keep everyone updated, but I expected to see more damage and sooner. One of my other smaller ones got burned pretty badly, about 60% defoliation. As for the one that is showing little signs of damage, I must have gotten a pretty tough one. None of my palms were given any protection. This is just Southwest of Richmond, VA. 

    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      Hello all,
      I recently acquired four Adonidia merrillii seeds, and five Leucothrinax morrisii seeds. I have NEVER tried to grow palms from seed before, but have always wanted to try it. I confirmed that they are viable using the "float test", and now I am attempting the "ziploc bag" technique; the Adonidia seeds are each in their own baggie, and all five Leucothrinax seeds are in the same bag. The soil they're in is a mixture of a pearlite-based mix and the Miracle-gro "Cactus Palm, and Citrus" soil (I also grow cacti and citrus). I added some water to each, and they are now under a heating pad in a tray. I am using a thermometer to monitor their temp, and they have been sitting at around 80-90 degrees since they were placed there.
      Given that I have never grown palms from seed before, I am open to any suggestions or recommendations as to what I can expect or should do. I know that palms can take time to germinate, so I am hoping to see results by the end of the month, or at least before the end of winter (I am in NE Ohio, zone 6b, so it's cold outside right now). The Adonidias were planted on the 1st, and the Leucothrinax were planted on the 6th.
      Again, any recommendations or tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    • Hferrell87
      By Hferrell87
      Hello all,
      I'm going to be receiving a lot of different palm seeds in the next month and am going to set up a seed/seedling area. 
      What's everyone use as their seed starting area? Greenhouse?
      I'd love to have a climate controlled area for the seeds/seedlings so I can enjoy all year long. Located in Central Florida (9a-9b).
      I'm going to be setting this up at the property, where my wife and I have started creating our nursery.
      I'm open ears on whats worked for everyone.
      Halley F.
    • Hferrell87
      By Hferrell87
      My wife and I were walking around the resort where we are staying at in Bermuda, when we came across this Phoenix. Looks to be a hybrid (I think)... They trimmed it to only grow as one palm, but the base showed many pups that were chopped. Is this just a Reclinata or Roebelenii x Reclinata? Something else? Either way, it is a beautiful palm and likes it’s look a lot!
      Thanks for any insight on this palm identification.