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    • GeorgeT1985
      By GeorgeT1985
      Hello everyone,
      My name's George and I live in Queensland Australia. I'm originally from the UK so have little experience with Palm trees and would love your advice regarding an issue I'm currently having with an established Pindo / Jelly palm in my Garden (photo 1). I believe it's 10+ years old.
      I recently completed removing the existing plants and replanting under this palm with a series of fan palms and Cordylines. I've found it's normal for this Palms tips to brown slightly as shown in photo 2 (I'm assuming when it's not had enough water). However after completing my planting a few days later I noticed on several branches entire leaves turning yellow from where they join the branches and dying.
      I assume I have disturbed it's roots too significantly so removed the affected branches as well as some other older ones as I would with a transplanted palm so it had less to sustain. I've also fertiliser and regularly watered the palm to try and encourage new root growth. This proved successful in stopping the damage to leaves at the base of the branches, however rather than the brown tips at the edge of some of the branches they are turning black as shown in photo 3. This issue seems to be limited to a few of the older branches. The issue is occurring daily but only to older branches and thankfully the higher branches atleast at present seem unaffected.
      I would really appreciate some advice. Am I best removing further branches as this is a sign it still cannot sustain itself? Do I leave well alone and hope it will over time be able to sustain itself again. What I'm really concerned with is that the black may be from over watering rather than under watering and that I may actually be killing it with kindness? I have been removing the black affected areas so I can track if the problem is persisting. The photo shows about 1 days impact.
      Many thanks

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      One of my Washingtonia robusta seedlings leaned sideways a bit when it was in the community pot and started to grow that way. I potted it up with the base of the small trunk pointing up. Will this seedling straighten out? 

    • Oldmagoo
      By Oldmagoo
      Does anyone know the best way to dig up my 6 foot tall trachy windmill palm and transplant it to another location? I'm here in southeast PA and the palm is 7 years old, about 6 foot trunk. Any suggestions would be great! 
    • Shea
      By Shea
      So, I’ve had this Mediterranean fan palm for about 15 months now.  As you can see, there are 3 major trunks and 2 smaller trunks at the bottom. All the trunks with the exception of the smallest major trunk have been thriving. This specific trunk still grows new fronds but over the past 9 months, the newest fronds start dying from the tips of the leaves and slowly down towards the crown. They are also droopy.  The older fronds don’t seem to be as effected. I’ve had to prune the completely dead ones.  As you can see in the pics, they start out very green and healthy. So, why just this one trunk and what is causing it? I’m in Dallas TX.
      Here are some of the remedies I’ve already tried:
      1. Fungicide. - I’ve been spraying a cooper fungicide into and around the crown about every month.
      2. Insecticide- Sprayed for bugs with a palm safe treatment.
      3. Winterized. This has been happening before winter but, I wrapped the trunk and leaves anyway. Winter wasn’t that bad either here in Dallas. 
      4. They get plenty of water, but not over watering.
      5. They get palm fertilizer twice a year. 
      Seeking advice from you professionals as I’m a newbie to palms. Thanks in advance.  

    • kbob11
      By kbob11
      I was just wondering what the typical germination time frame is for Copernicia Baileyana.  I have not found much information online, RPS etc.  I have an 8'' community pot with 6 seeds in a plastic bag at room temperature (70-85F).  Would these benefit from a higher heat?  
      P.S.  I would really appreciate pictures if anyone has them
      Worcester MA z6a