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    • NatureGirl
      By NatureGirl
      Super fresh Ptychosperma microcarpum seeds....$7/50 or $12/100...plus $4 shipping. Easy to sprout. I have found Ptycho’s to be much hardier than given credit form. Not a single one of mine was damaged in winter of 2010. Here’s a pic of Palm the seeds are from.

    • colin Peters
      By colin Peters
      10 seed for $10 plus $3 for shipping
      sorry, US only
      pm me 
    • Josh-O
      By Josh-O
      Just picked a bunch of D. Lance seed if anyone is interested. Text or call me at 626-278-6888 or send me a PM. This seed is extremely viable. I sprout seed every year from this tree.
      15.00 per 100
      20.00 per 200
      25.00 per 300
      + shipping 
      mother tree

    • Patrick
      By Patrick
      Hello Palmtalkers,
      Keith got me thinking with his post...
      I Have a L. decora that has fruited and the seeds are ripe. This is the first year it has fruited and it's very exciting. The fruits are just starting to fall off the tree. I was curious if anyone wanted some? I have many.
      Send me a PM and leave a note here as well. I will cut the seeds down in a few days and dole them out. If you want to send a buck or two for postage, cool- but let me get them mailed out first, I have Paypal. If you don't want to send a buck or two no worries. Thanks.
    • NatureGirl
      By NatureGirl
      I have a few hundred very fresh  Licuala peltata var. sumawongii seeds.This is a very desirable 'entire leaf' form of L. peltata.  I have germinated lots of these pretty easy after removing the tough outer shell.
      $10 for 50 seeds plus $3 US Shipping.
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